Wings of Glory Credits (DOS)

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Wings of Glory Credits


Project LeaderBill Baldwin
ProgrammingBill Baldwin, Stephen Balkum, Tony Bratton, John Talley
WriterLisa Smith
ArtistsWhitney Ayres, Karl Dolgener, Darrin LeBlanc, Terry Manderfeld, Johari Templin
ComposerLaura Barratt
Sound EffectsBarry Leitch
Quality AssuranceEd Ball, Jason Habel, Kevin Kushner, Jeremy Mappus, E. J. Moreland, Ashley Richardson, Scott Shelton, Michael Songy, David Thacker, Richard Zinser
DocumentationMelissa Tyler, Lisa Smith
Box and Manual DesignJennifer Davis
Manual Interior DesignCatherine Cantieri, Trey Hermann
Additional ProgrammingChris Comparini, Gary Scott Smith
Additional  ArtworkBrennan Priest, Paul Steed
Additional MusicGeorge Oldziey, Nenad Vugrinec
ProducerWarren Spector
Special Thanks ToLeonard E. Opdycke, The Film Bank, Adam Foshko, Craig Halverson, Aviation Heritage, The Image Bank, Prem Krishnan, Suzanne Taylor

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