Winter Challenge: World Class Competition Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Specify the player's name
Select the player's country
Main Menu
Tournament Opening
On your way to downhill
Avoid the obstacles (Downhill)
Collision with a tree (Downhill)
On the start point (Biathlon)
On the bridge (Biathlon)
Shooting the targets (Biathlon)
Near the frozen lake (Biathlon)
Climbing the hill (Biathlon)
Sliding down the hill (Biathlon)
Winning the medal (Biathlon)
Accelerating the bobsled
On the track (Bobsled)
Bobsled's crash
Walking to position of Ski Jump
Go (Ski Jump)
Hovering (Ski Jump)
Landing (Ski Jump)
Stopping near the crowd (Ski Jump)
Invalid landing (Ski Jump)
Starting the Ski Slalom
On the track (Ski Slalom)
Falling (Ski Slalom)
Reaching the finish (Ski Slalom)
World Records