Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance Credits (DOS)

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Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance Credits


Executive ProducerAmy Boylan
Senior ProducerJames M. Wheeler
ProgrammingLes Bird, Joe Abbati
Assistant ProducersRichard Henning, Katheryn Gangi
Additional ProgrammingJeff Schulz, Lance Peck, Rafael Paiz
Witchaven 2 ArtworkScott Nixon, Kurt Laifatt, Ruben Cabrera, John Potter, Humberto Lopez, Gonzalo Montes de Oca, Ernesto Roque
3D Intro/EndingCarlos Ibarra, Ken Loyd
Sound Fx/MusicJoe Abbati, Steve Newton
Original Story/DesignScott Nixon, James M. Wheeler
Marketing Product ManagerJudy Melby
Cover ArtworkKen Kelly
Level DesignsRichard Henning, Ruben Cabrera, Scott Nixon, James M. Wheeler, John Potter
DocumentationRichard Henning, Robert Hobbs
Level Editor DocumentationRichard Henning
Director of QARay Boylan
Lead Beta TesterTrevor Talbird
Quality AssuranceCarlos F. Munos, Michael Goldman, Alex Solano
Internet On‑Line Rep.Sean Potter
Build EngineKen Silverman, 3D Realms Entertainment
3D Animation PortionsAnimation Factory
Original Witchaven ConceptMichael Pitts

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