Wizardry: Bane of the Cosmic Forge Credits


Written and Programmed byDavid W. Bradley
Playmaster's Guide written byBrenda Romero
IBM, Macintosh and Amiga Technical ProgrammingGary Speegle
Computer GraphicsChris Appel, Renata Dolnick, Suzanne Snelling, Paul McCall
Digitized Sound ProgrammingJeff Noyle (Oblique Triad), David Triggerson (Oblique Triad)
Sound EffectsSteve Miller
Manual IllustrationsChris Appel, Cheryl Bouchey, Ted Boonthanakit
Special ConsultantsJeffrey Yette (Medieval Armament Research), Todor Fey (Amiga), Michael Whittenstein (Apple Macintosh), Assoc. Inc
Manual Translation (German)Volker Weitz, Martina Vrenegor
Localization (German Version)Susanne Dieck, Eva Hoogh

Special Acknowledgements

Special ThanksRobert Sirotek, Norman Sirotek (for believing in Bane of the Cosmic Forge when it was only a fantasy.)
Proofing and EditingG. Fay Jones (for wading through endless reams of paper.), Linda Currie (for pointing out that wet noodles -especially in combat- are not humorous.), Nadia Sirotek (for having the courage to read and refine the first draft.)
PlaytestersMike Anderson, Todd Ashley, Andy Backer, Les Berkman, Marty Berkman, Mike Breggar, Gary Brockelsby, Peter De Jager, Rusel DeMaria, Brenda Romero, Rick Hall, Albert Halprin, Mary Kelly, Marty Kuklinski, Alan Markus, Jim McDonnell, Zach Meston, John Mitchell, Terry Monks, Adam Newman, Bob Reams, Sue O'Reilly, Robert Rosenberg, Monte Schulz, Neil Shapiro, James F. Shobert, Linda Currie, Peter Spear, Pamela Wagner, Rob Welander, Jeffrey Yette

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