Wolf Credits


Developed byManley & Associates Inc
Project ManagerIvan Manley
Executive ProducerMichael Grant
ProducerDavid Hasle
DesignersIvan Manley, Sam Palahnuk, David Hasle
ProgrammersCosmo Scrivanich, Michael Lankerovich
Art DirectorDavid Hasle
Art & Animation David Hasle, George Henion, David K. McCormack, Laura Henion, Mike Nichols
Music & Sound EffectsRobert Ridihalgh
Additional PhotographyOle Olson
Special Thanks toCarol Manley, John P. Conley, John McKinnie, Scott Wolf, J. David Koch, Gordon Ludlow, Jim McManus
Survival guide byPaula Polley

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Credits for this game were contributed by Thomas MacDevitt (77)