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Wolfenstein 3D Super Upgrades Credits


WOLFMASTER Created and Programmed byCarlton Griffin
Levels byCarlton Griffin (Game A), Joe Scoleri ("The Maverick": Game B and Game CC and Game GG Episode 4 levels 3 4 and 9), Brian Rowan (Game C), David Bruni (Game D), Nathaniel Rudiak-Gould (Game E), Randall Penn (Game F and Game GG Episode 3 level 1 and Episode 5 level 1), Enigma, Ix, Frank the Rabbit, E‑13, Lane Roathe (Game J), Geoff Hill (Game J), Ideas From the Deep, Larry J. Shanker ("Shankenstein": Game K), Jill Gallup (Game L), John Edivards (Game M), Bryan Baker (Game P), Chris Gregg (Game Q), The Kid, Alan Zeman (Game T), Gary Cook (Game V), Bobby Palmer (Games X and OO), Steve Barber ("Voot Zombo": Game Y), Pete Davison (Game DD), Adam Chapman (Games FF and II), David Huntoon (Game GG Episode 1 levels 6 7 8 and 9 and Episode 4 levels 1 2 and 5), R G Benjamin (Game GG Episode 1 level 3 and Episode 3 level 9 and Episode 4 levels 8 and 10), Don Christian (Game MM), Dave, Zapmap
Game GG compiled and edited byWarren Buss
Player tips byWarren Buss
Special thanks toBryan Baker, Warren Buss, Lance Dial, Brian Grove, David Huntoon, Bill Kirby, Joe Martin, Scott Miller, Hal Rottenberg
Menu system based onPCMENU
Many thanks toBob Trevithick (Information Services)
Compression courtesy LHA Version 2.13 byHaruyasu Yoshizaki

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