Written by  :  Ashley Pomeroy (233)
Written on  :  Jun 05, 2000
Platform  :  DOS

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The Good

Like it or not, this is where much of modern PC gaming, and indeed gaming period, started. From a shareware publisher famous for the 'Commander Keen' platform games this texture-mapped FPS was released with much fanfare and became a huge shareware hit. 'Doom' was a few short months away.

The Bad

A lot of the bad things about 'Wolfenstein' can be forgiven, as it's a piece of history. However, I can remember that, at the time, it didn't take long for the novelty to wear off, and after a few levels the simplistic gameplay becomes extremely dull. On a rational level, 'Doom' blows it out of the water, and, played today, it's more of a curious relic than a game. Still, it's 'Wolfenstein'.

The Bottom Line

An earthshaking early FPS (with texture-mapped graphics), this is a fast-moving shoot-em-up rush through a set of mazes. As a game, it's dull, but hugely influential.