Written by  :  Stephen M (24)
Written on  :  Jul 26, 2006
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Had me racing for years...

The Good

This was a game to be played again and again. The later release, including modem play, was an unbelievable game, and one that became a staple in our "LAN" gaming sessions.

The game was great in itself, having wonderful graphics, great sounds, and all 16 tracks from F1 at the time, but what made it exceptional was the way you could change the car. That took it up from being a decent game to a war zone. As you got better at racing round the tracks, the pits became of extreme interest to you. What would help get that extra 5 mph out of the long straight? How could you get around the chicanes slightly faster?

If that wasn't enough, the multiplayer option added even more fire. Instead of simply racing and comparing times, you could actually race each other, using those ultra-secret car setups you'd spent the last three hours tweaking. We actually raced each other during actual races (broadcast on TV), using the 100% time option!

MicroProse got players racing quickly by giving you all the help you needed without actually steering for you - although they helped if asked. As you became more proficient, you could increase the difficulty rating yourself by removing whichever help system(s) you wanted. This made for a game that could have beginners and experts alike on the same track, racing each other at comparable levels.

The Bad

At the time there was really nothing to complain about. Even the names were configurable, so Senna could (unfortunately) be removed from the racing schedule.

The Bottom Line

Everyone I knew was racing this game. It was the definitive racing game of its time - there is no other way to say it.