Written by  :  Saurabh Shukul (4)
Written on  :  Feb 27, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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The grand daddy of First Person RPGs

The Good

The game is basically a near-infinite dungeon romp with a set of quasi-random monsters on every level, from among the four or five types inhabiting each level. There is a total of around 30 levels in all. The graphics are pretty good for 1995 and create an eerie atmosphere. The stat system is the standard AD&D kill monsters -> gain xp -> advance levels -> improve stats, skills and spells. One of the best parts of this game are the weapons and armor; the weapons and armor in the later stages are absolutely awe-inspiring and look cooler, even with the dated graphics, than weapons/armor in most of the newer games (like morrowind, FF9). The story-line is very good, although it is more of a background since there is really no story-line advancement except that you have to kill the two main bad-guys. The voice acting is decent, although buggy at times. The highlight of this game, however, is the music. Like the other game set in the World of Aden (Entomorph), this game has a magnificent soundtrack that I kept listening to long after I got bored of the game. It dramatically enhances the atmosphere and pumps adrenalin into the combat. Speaking of which, the combat is interesting and turn-based, and doesn't get too monotonous towards the end, even though there waaaay too much of it.

The Bad

The game advancement is very linear .. it's almost a NES stage by stage game. The magic system, although good, was not very exciting. Some of the spells were repetitive and some were totally ineffective. Besides, there was no clear division of race/class. Sure, you could start out with a dumb troll barbarian, but later you could find him casting lighting bolts. A mage can wear mithril plate armor and fight with two handed swords. Plus, the long range weapons are absolutely useless, since most of the game takes place in cramped dungeons where monsters can be on you in 2 seconds.

The Bottom Line

This here is a solid action packed hack and slash RPG. If you think that some of the new RPGs are nothing but pretty pictures held together with brain-dead click-fest gameplay, you might wanna try this. Its not the best, but its fun.