World War II: Battles of the South Pacific Credits


Designed byRod Olsen, Bruce Williams Zaccagnino, Mike Isom
Additional Ideas bySteven Cohen
Programmed byRod Olsen
Coumputer Graphics byMike Isom
Sound byGino Cortesi
Documentation byDave Proctor, William Fitzroy, Ken Norris
Typesetting byBruce Lull
Cover Art byGary Stevens
Quality Assurance bySteven Cohen, Ken Norris
Playtest CoordinatorSteven Cohen
PlaytestersSteven Cohen, Ken Norris, Tom Anson, Vance Adams, Peter Alexander, Bill Sarubbi, Bruce Lull, Bret Tredway, Kerry Kenoyer, Phil Steen, Vince Preece, David McKibbin, Henry Sakos

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Credits for this game were contributed by NGC 5194 (17596)