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X-COM: Apocalypse (DOS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

X-COM: Apocalypse Credits


Lead DesignJulian Gollop
DesignTim White
Lead ProgrammingNick Gollop
ProgrammingDave Bostock, Thaddaeus Frogley, Julian Gollop, Andy Greene
Level / Scenario DesignPhil Davies, Jason Grace, Dave Kemsley, Dave Moore, Steve Moorhause, Mark Stimmons, Kevin Tucker, David R. Watson, Marc Walton, Helmut Watson, Karli Watson, Marc Watson
Graphics / ArtworkPeter Austin, Jane Barnett, Nick Cook, Gavin Cooper, Edward Garnier, Terry Greer, Guy Jeffries, Erol Kentli, Matthew Knott, Pietro Lantro, Julian Madle, Andrew Morriss, Drew Northcott, Amanda Roberts, Jonathan Rowe, Martin Severn, Greg Shill, Martin Smillie, Paul Truss, Paul Varney, Kevin Wicks
MusicJohn Broomhall, David R. Punshon, Richard Wells
SoundJohn Broomhall, Steve Cowell, Darren Lambourne, Martin Severn, Matt Vowles, PC Music Ltd.
Art DirectorGuy Jeffries, Marc Curtis
DocumentationJustin Manning
Project ManagerHelmut Watson
Quality AssuranceMatt Bridges, Chris Briggs, Paul Coppins, Martin Crompton, Christopher Evans, Steve Head, Stewart Holbrook, Brian M. King, Darren Kirby, Anton Lorton, Daniel Luton, Philip McDonnell, Neil McEwan, Stuart Poole, Stewart Stanyard, James Toghill, Jeffrey Wilkinson, Donald Witcombe
Map EditorIan Tory, Simon Watson
Alien World and Models designTim White
ProducerGrant Dean, Stephen J. Goss, James Hawkins, Stuart Whyte
Quality Assurance ManagerAndrew Luckett
3D‑ScansSteve Edwards
Audio‑Post‑ProductionSprockets and Bytes
Cast (GB)Valentina Britten, Patrice Stauder, Julian Holman, Drew Northcott, Edward Garnier
Alameda Compatibility GroupHoi Nguyen, William Hom, Khoi Nguyen
Management EditingAlkis Alkiviades
Manual ArtworkJessica Crawley
Lead Production ManagementAdrian Turner
Production Management USATom Nichols

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