X-COM: Apocalypse Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Splash screen
So many choices...
Five levels of difficulty for your gaming pleasure.
Since you only have to protect one city in X-Com Apocalypse, your base is in one of the city's buildings.
Overhead map view of the city.
As in the earlier X-Com games, you have a UFOPaedia which serves as a handy reference for all the stuff in the game.
The noble X-COM organization, once again called to defend humanity from alien invaders intent on mutilating our cattle and stealing our women.
Unlike the earlier games, X-Com Apocalypse requires you to curry favor with corporations instead of nations.
Some organizations are friendly towards you.
Other organizations...aren't.
You have phat rides, which are required by law to look all cool and retro and art deco and stuff.
Make big boom!
Your base layout is determined by the building it's in.
Good advice.
Your X-Com team at the beginning of a mission, ready to deploy and hunt down aliens.
Loaded for bear.
After your squaddies have moved, a random graphic is placed over the screen to hide alien and civilian movement. This one nearly gave me a heart attack at 2:00am the first time I played the game.