X-COM: Terror from the Deep Credits


Original ConceptJulian Gollop, Nick Gollop
DesignStephen J. Goss
ProgrammingBill Barna, Annette Bell, Nick Thompson
Additional ProgrammingScott G. Johnston
Level / Scenario DesignJason Avent, Richard Bakewell, Marc Curtis, Matthew Knott, Amanda Roberts, Andrew G. Williams
Graphics / ArtworkPaul Ayliffe, Nick Cook, Edward Garnier, Terry Greer, Guy Jeffries, Matthew Knott, Justin Manning, Drew Northcott, Amanda Roberts, Martin Severn, Martin Smillie, Paul Truss, The Conversion Company
Intro SequenceGreg Shill, Drew Northcott, Nick Cook, Stephen J. Goss
Art LiasonMatthew Knott
MusicJohn Broomhall
SoundAllister Brimble, Andrew Parton
DocumentationSarah Kerr, Nick Stokes
ProducerStuart Whyte
Assistant ProducerNick Cook, Stephen J. Goss, Drew Northcott, Greg Shill
Project ManagerAlkis Alkiviades
Writing / Dialogue / StoryAlkis Alkiviades, Andrew Wawrowski
Layout (US)Joseph Morel, Cesar Novoa
TypesettingSarah Kerr
Quality AssuranceChris Bowling, Russell Clark, Don Emmel, Damon Harris, Jim Hendry, Darren Kirby, Andrew Luckett, Daniel Luton, Justin Manning, Andy Mazurek, Philip McDonnell, Mike Richardson, Jason Sampson, Vaughn Thomas, Donald Witcombe, Peter Woods
Manual Author/Editor (UK)Nick Stokes
Manual Author/Editor (US)Christine Manley
Brand ManagerValentina Holden
PublishersPaul Hibbard-Teall, Peter Moreland
Special Thanks ToValentina Holden, Julian Gollop, Nick Gollop, Paul Hibbard-Teall, Peter Moreland, the Aliens

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