Written by  :  Chad Henshaw (32)
Written on  :  May 18, 2002
Platform  :  DOS

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Im sick and tired of people not liking this great game

The Good

TFTD Requires a heck of a lot more patience, you have to remember that some weapons dont work on land, only in water. Capturing Aliens is now a requirement to get the good techs, like armour and new ships.

The Bad

Seems a bit sam-ee until you get severel months into the game

The Bottom Line

TFTD is another excelent XCOM Game.

40 years later, Humans are in a LOT of trouble. The Erelium115 supply from the last war has gone dry, and, humans kinda grew a little too depenent on it, thus meaning tech-wise your essentaly back in the 90s. Humans have become Complacent (as we most certainly do), and X-COMs funding has been cut.

Enter the Shipliner Hyperion. Unknown forces have attacked this superliner, the last reminants of XCOM (Now owned by a private company that salvages Submeged Crashed UFOs) respond, but the only message that is returned by the responding team is "I think they're back".

The UN has a crisis meeting, and a motion is passed, XCOM is back in action. Old hands are called back as technical advisors, and the newbies are trained up with what little they can be given, except this time, the aliens arent extra-terrestrial, but they sure do come from an alien world.

XCOM2 expands on XCOM a lot. Destroying an alien base is now a 2 or 3 step process. You can whipe out (or just get to the exit bit) on the "Exterior Base" map, then go in for the kill (going for the control station, or whiping out all the aliens), then, if you didnt kill em all on the exterior, its a run to the sub.

There are also "Alien Activity" sites,. where the aliens seek to re-activate long dissused devices that were built not long after they crashed into the earth, which incedently, was also the time the dinosaurs died.

Plus, Terror sites now not only occur in cities (or, ISlands, and Ports), but on ships! Saving a cruseliner is easy, but a cargo ship, which has 2 maps is a lot harder.

The alien list is for the most part revised. Sectoids make a new appearence, as the cloned "Aquatoid" race, but all others are new. Bio-Drones replace the Cyberdisk, but are much smaller, but still go boom! Large Things that look like Meteroids (from the NES and SNES Games) threaten to take control of minds, there are also "Gill-Men" and "Lobster-Men", and a swarm of others.

this is much longer than the first.