Related Web Sites

  • - X-COM Page (Download complete sets of new alien spacecraft, for X-COM: UFO Defense and X-COM: Terror From The Deep. )
  • OpenXcom (An open-source clone requiring resources from the original game.)
  • UFOpeadia (A whole wiki-based Database containing nearly everything one wanted to know about the game and beyond...)
  • XCommand (One of the most popular fan-sites for the X-COM series.)
  • XCommand (XCommand features various files for editing UFO, as well as strategic aids and the full contents of the UFOPedia.)
  • X-COM Tactical Command (X-COM Tactical Command has an excellent range of content, now including information on hexediting UFO's files, as well as strategy guides and more.)
  • XCOMUTIL Homepage (The homepage for Scott T. Jones' fantastic XCOMUTIL utility: Re-vitalise and expand your X-COM game! :) )

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