Written by  :  Michael Reznick (38)
Written on  :  Dec 06, 2001
Platform  :  DOS
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Definitely tops in my book for classic gaming.

The Good

Innovative concept, outstanding graphics for 1994, excellent turn-based combat engine. This game was the first I played that put me in control of an entire military operation, from management and logistics to strategy and tactics. It was up to me to keep my guys alive! And the steadily improving stats of your soldiers made you very attached to them, so you'd give them names and keep up with their progress! Needless to say, many an hour has been wasted, erm, I mean spent, defending the earth from extra-terrestrial terrorists.

The Bad

Jerky mouse interface in the equipment and battlescape screens. Will sometimes evilly corrupt my latest savegame and make me start from the last one.

The Bottom Line

A must-play for anyone who considers themselves a serious PC gamer.