Xargon Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Chapter selection
Title screen
Main menu
Overview map
On a platform
Some info about the character
Certain doorways lead to bonus areas.
Caught between two hand monsters!
Rapid fire doesn't work so well but you can aim it just like the regular blast.
The giant centipede blows up in segments.
Hey ewe, get off Macleod.
Swinging from vines to reach better areas.
My submersible has horizontal guns only.
Touch the crown to revert back out of the submersible.
Outside of the robot factory
Oh Epic MegaGames...how I miss these screens.
Entering further into the robot factory. These floating gun bots are really obnoxious.
Oh goody!
The turbolift jams me in a tight situation.
I've turned into a bee!
Throwing boulders at giant beetles of some sort.
Earning special objects and keys in the levels will help you unlock gates on the map screen.
Mind your skull on those stalactites.
Hello Silvertounge. Please show me the ways of whatever it is you do.
Nothing says action adventure in perilous situations better then baby blue gift boxes with pink ribbon.
Xargon's reactor is teeming with acid pools and robots.
In case you missed it the reactor is that-a-way.
Where could this reactor be...
Oh yeah, I kicked so much ass.
Episode 2; The landscape gets more alien. Also, a slight costume change.
Episode 3; Lots of underground levels and mazes. You've got to bump the ceiling buttons to open certain walls like the one that brute is behind.
A storm rages on throughout some of the levels.
Not sure what these guys are but they're guarding that last key in Xargon's castle.
Xargon itself