XCar: Experimental Racing Credits (DOS)

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XCar: Experimental Racing Credits


ProducerBrent Erickson
DesignBrent Erickson, Shaun Mitchell
ProgrammingGuy Carver, Brent Erickson, Peter Sundholm
Additional ProgrammingKenneth Houburg, Andrew Taylor
Art DirectorShaun Mitchell
3D ModellingChris Doll, Michael Matthews, Kelly Rains, Bart Rydalch
Level / Scenario DesignMichelle Buenzli, Michael Matthews, Bart Rydalch
PlaytestingJim Barber, John Beck, Paul Benmussa, Steven Berra, Chris Boucher, Lowell Denning, William Dillon, Chris Doll, Randy Dugger, Bill Durney, Eric Eckstein, Mark Frezza, Paul D. Gittins, Gregory Hedges, John Herring, Steven Hillyer, Greg Hollaway, Pam Humphreys, Alexender Kalymon, Kurt Kemmling, Kevin Kitchens, Jim Pedicord, William Pepitone, Loring Rose, James Sablatura, David Syria, Paul Winner, Mike Zemina
DocumentationJay Beale, Michael Matthews, Peggy Meile, Shaun Mitchell, Kate Springle, Casper Uhl

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ozymandias (85)