XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter Credits


DesignMark E. Seremet, Paul M. Conklin, Glenn A. Dill
3D ProgrammingGlenn A. Dill
2D ProgrammingChristopher Short, Glenn A. Dill
Art DirectorQuinno Martin
Art DepartmentWendy Jobe, Kelly Vadas, Kelly Trout, Jeff Schaid
ManualPaul M. Conklin, F. J. Lennon, Mark E. Seremet, Glenn A. Dill
SoundsPaul M. Conklin, Paragon Studios
MusicMichael Bross, Paragon Studios
CastJim Fuhrman (Viper), Virginia Tomasko (Heidi R. Martin), Richard Greaves (Commander Statler), Vince Berruti (Vincent Seremet), Christopher Short (Tigereye), Jeff Jobe (Warrior), William Petras (Joker), Wendy Jobe (Newscaster #1), Kelly Vadas (Newscaster #2), Laura Kampo (Newscaster #3), Jeff Schaid (Steyr), Lori Tomasko (Jennifer)
Based on Warhead byGlyn Williams
Special Thanks for help with the Spacecraft toBob

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