Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Starting location. You can't do much here - just go straight into the temple...
The temple is the first location you are going to explore. It also serves as a "hub" of sorts for the game. It is full of mysterious places... like this hall of candles
The temple library. These little things on the floor are non-interactive. But you should still pay close attention to the detailed graphics - you never know what might contain a clue
The game has numerous books you can find and read. This one teaches you the series' astronomical lore
Exploring the dark corridors of the temple
The game is full of spooky, gently surreal scenes. Who is this woman? Is she dead?.. Why is she lying in that strange receptacle?.. Play the game and find out!..
The game has a lot of artworks. This is probably the first one you'll see. You can even zoom in on this one...
You find a strange device with some symbols as you take a stroll outside, enjoying the view of the mountains...
The main hall of the temple
A busy room with lots of things lying on the table. Most of it isn't significant to the gameplay, however
You've discovered a hall with strange statues. You'll return here quite a few times during the course of the game...
Movies with live actors advance the story
After having solved the puzzles of the first part, you'll gain access to... interplanetary travel!
The game has many charts, maps, documents, pictures, and other stuff you'll want to take a look at
This twisted staircase leads to...
...a telescope. And that's what you can see if you use it
Every planet you travel to contains one large location. You can leave it for a while and walk outside. This planet has ominous skies and lava
Exploring the Monastery - the abode of one of the alchemists whose fate you are investigating
Zoom everywhere you can - you never know where you'll find clues to puzzles or just interesting info. As the cursor implies, you can take the torch
I just zoomed very close onto another painting. This is the Museum - a beautiful location. Taking screenshots of everything it has would require too much space
You read a beautifully illustrated book containing an old legend
The art style is vastly different depending on the location you visit. This painting has a distinct "medieval" vibe
You've found the private room of one of the alchemists. Hmm... let's start investigating!..
Nemesis is probably the least humorous Zork game. Still, wacky notices are not completely absent
Look at every shelf to find interactive objects - see how the cursor turns yellow
One of the many puzzles - a strange mechanical device. Are you sure you want to stick your hand into the lion's mouth?..
Another day, another planet. This one has a happy, "Mediterranean" feel. You peek out to sniff a bit of fresh air... and return to the gloomy reality
This is the Conservatory! There be musical instruments here! Ahh, sweet feeling...
Exploring a theater. This colorful leaflet is an item from your inventory - see where it can be used
Attempting to use a violin on a strange crystal formation in a cave. I don't think that will work... keep looking, keep trying
Is this a map? A clue for a puzzle solution? An enigmatic work of a genius?..
Completed the Conservatory; time to move to this desert planet...
...and explore a gorgeous castle, the home of one of the alchemists and his son
Castle hub with a canon and a beautiful portrait of the king
Take a good look at this. It's not just lovely art - you'll need to understand that in order to solve a puzzle
One of the strange knights standing in the castle. How exactly can you interact with his face?..
This would look like a location from King's Quest if it didn't have that painting on the wall...
After a while, you find a way to open the treasure chest. This is what it contains... hmm... looks interesting
You found a map of one of the Zorkian realms
This modern-looking table has a lot of stuff on it... try to find what is really important
The game has some letters that reveal the tragic story of its mostly off-screen characters
One of the more humorous, wacky locations in the game. You are navigating a tank and looking at many modern-day objects... the atmosphere changes drastically here
You can visit the planets in any order. I decided to save this one for last - an icy world...
...its indoor location being a scary-looking scientific lab
The first thing you'll see there is a morgue...
...where you'll be able to read humorous dossiers of some of the game's characters...
...and conduct gruesome experiments! This is the game's scariest part - and I haven't posted the screenshot with an even more gruesome solution to this puzzle!..
High-tech environments feel cold and terrifying after the opulence of the castle
Finally, you unlock a new location - a gorgeous area with mysterious statues...