Zorro Credits (DOS)

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Zorro Credits


Graphics / ArtworkJohn Garcia, Kelcey Simpson
DocumentationRichard Henning
Executive ProducerAmy Smith-Boylan, David Turner
ProducerJames M. Wheeler
ProgrammingMichael Privett
Associate ProducerKatheryn Gangi
DirectorAmy Smith-Boylan
PlaytestingKareen Bally, Andres Bernal, Luis Gibb
Quality AssuranceCarlos F. Munos
UndeterminedSteve Privett
Game DesignKelcey Simpson
MusicRobert Prince
CastDavid Lugo (as Zorro), Melinda Peinado (as Anabella), Raul Flores (as Cortez), Marvin Evans (as The Priest), Joe Dickinson (as Conquistador Ghost), David Norvell (as Ruffians / Soldiers), Lee Smith (as Ruffians / Soldiers)

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