ZZT DOS The title screen of the world's first ZZT game.


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Written by  :  Robert Pragt (29)
Written on  :  Apr 30, 2001
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ZZT is still alive!

The Good

The editor. It allows you to create games of your own easily. Many great games have been made (the last reviewer, Matt, for example, released some games WHICH KICKED ASS). ZZT still has a big community. I've met quite a few funny people in the ZZT scene. =D ZZT allows you to put your ideas into games without having to learn a difficult programming language. ZZT OOP is very easy to learn. It doesn't take up much time, nor does de rest of the world editor.

The Bad

The graphics are simple. So is the music (internal sound beeps).

The Bottom Line

A great game, altough simplistic, it's capable of some pretty cool things. The community is still very alive, WWW.ZZT.ORG is the place to check if you're intrested.