Double Dragon II: The Revenge Screenshots

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Amiga version

Title screen
Level 1 - first buddies to get rid of.
There are more of them but you have a weapon - a stick with a chain attached to it.
And we are ready to go into level 2
This one is really huge. And he got me.
Level 3 - This time I can also use small knives and shovels.

Amstrad CPC version

Stage 1
Down on the ground
A finger points east
Halfway Boss
Boss down on the ground
Can't do that headstand
Boss down on the ground
Stage 2
Climbing a gate
Stage 3
Carrying a log
What's in that vehicle?
Stage 4
That dude looks dangerous
"You are the weakest link -- goodbye!"
Stage 5
Getting warmer
Rubbed out for good

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Girlfirend is shot dead.
Off for Revenge.
Beat them up.
A big guy.
End of level boss.
That has to hurt.
Off to Mission 2.
Keep going.
Punk girl punches hero
Heavy iron ball
Fake terminator
Next level
Back kick
Catch enemy and kick him in head
Double knockout
First boss returns... with twin
Black guard
Guard with sticks
In temple
Green twins
Statue splits something
Somebody crushes wall

Atari ST version

Title screen
Starting level one
One enemy down
This guy looks tough
A whip is handy
Level one complete
Starting level two
Another big enemy
Got a high score

Commodore 64 version

Stage 1
Squashed by a crate
Using a ball and chain against your enemy
Stage 1 Boss
Stage 2
Stage 2 Boss
More Dialogue
Enemy doing a cartwheel to injure you
Stage 3 Boss(es)
"That's right, you bastard. Pixel out and don't ever come back"
Stage 4
Ahhh, love. Ain't it grand?
Stage 5
Stage 5 Boss
Meet your evil twin
Name Entry

DOS version

Title screen
Intro screen
VGA two player action
Smash that crate on thier heads
Watch out for ear slaps from that big guy
EGA action
Come on Billy, Jimmys getting his but kicked!
CGA crate slamming
CGA Grab a weapon, bro!

Genesis version

Title screen
Watch out for the ball!
Jumping over the enemy.
More enemies to dispatch.
Your girl getting blown away.
First few enemies
Three on one?!
Let's play a game: You lift the crate and I punch you before you can throw it at me.
At last, I'm armed.
Boss fight
Level 2
Climbing a ladder

MSX version

Title screen
Play Select screen
The mission
Let's fight
Beat the crap out of them
That doesn't look good!

NES version

Title Screen (US version)
Opening Prologue
An assasin's black silhouette appears into the room... he sets his eyes on his prey...
...a defenseless Marian, who is no match for his cunning abilities.
Billy's eyes burn with anger... they swear revenge agaisnt their enemies!
Title Screen (Japanese version)
Opening Prologue (Japanese)
Slightly different opening for Mission 1.
Williams falls victim to the combined strenght of both Lee brothers (a first for the NES series).
Burnov makes a disappearing act.
The bad guys make a run for it.
Roper feels the wrath of Billy's whirlwind kick!
Beware of the ninjas!!
Billy hitches a ride on an enemy's helicopter.
Meet Bolo, a close relative of Abobo. Very close!
Cornered by a pair of right-hand men.
Be careful of Linda's chain whip
Chin Taimei receives a deadly uppercut.
Abore shows no mercy.
What lies within the devil's mansion?
Watch out for disappearing platforms!

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Any offers from the circus lately?
Yes, I'm talking to you. This here is public park. No place for scum like you. Let's keep the planet green. Excluding your vomit, naturally
Ahh, finally alone... what should I do? Climb this ladder? Obvious, isn't it?
Why you... that hurt!!.. ouch!!... I'm a bloody HERO, damn it! Kindly keep your dirty paws off my face!
Nice cut scene between missions
My guess is: these are bad guys. Seriously. Just a gut feeling. Don't ask
The hero. Dig the hair style
You are a punk. Yes, you are. No other words for the likes of you
Haha! Now I can use this chain myself! S&M has been my lifelong dream
What? Are you INSANE? Throwing a boulder on my head?.. Didn't your Mom tell you it's impolite?
What a meeting near a helicopter. Gay romance? No, actually it's not. Just another enemy I have to beat to a bloody pulp
These weird cut scenes are always present between missions. Why don't they show their faces?..
Nice view of the night city
Great. I fought punks, but this here is a.. a... err... um... very big punk!

ZX Spectrum version

Title Screen
You appear from the garage
Climb the ladders
The chain is a powerful weapon
The enemies are more acrobatic than before
Main menu
Standard kick
Level 2 - acrobatic show
Climbing to the higher level
On the elevator to the next level
Level 3 - head standing
Shovel hit
Attack of agricultural machinery
Level 4
Level 5
Avoiding the moving spear
ump over the extending obstacle
Descent down the ladder
One of the recent fighting
Game finished

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  • Double Dragon II: The Revenge Screenshot
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  • Double Dragon II: The Revenge Screenshot
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  • Double Dragon II: The Revenge Screenshot
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