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Amiga version

Main Title
Pow! Kick in the teeth.
Hah, bet you didn't expect this one.
Making a diversion while the other player takes 'em out one by one.
I have thiiiis big video game collection at home.
Hey, whadda ya know, all the hours spent playing baseball finally bare some fruit.
And this one goes over the fence. Ball!

Amstrad CPC version

Stage 1
Down on the ground
One of your enemies is down on the ground
The fist points in the east direction
Up on a different platform
Say hello to Big Beefy dude
B.B.D. is down on the ground
Obtained a new weapon
B.B.D. turns red
Carrying a barrel
Stage 2
Climbing a wire fence
Stage 3
You again?
Fell down a hole
Crossing a bridge
Took a dip in the river
Stage 4
Climbing a cliff
Carrying a boulder
B.B.D. turns green
Stage 5
What's behind those blue doors
You are rubbed out for good

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Your girl is kidnapped.
Here's the hero.
Fight, Fight.
A Large Goon to fight.
Boss fight
Climbing on grid
On ladder
Baseball bat
Heavy box
4 Enemies - big troubles
Use whip, like Simon Belmont
Mission 3
He lost bat

Atari 2600 version

Title screen
The first fight of the game
This guy has a baseball bat!
A fight in progress
Losing a fight

Atari 7800 version

Atari logo
Title screen
Beginning the game
Outnumbered, as usual
Watch out for that whip!!

Atari ST version

Title screen
Beginning the game
Hmm, I seem to be losing...
Yikes, this could be a tough fight!
I almost always seem to be outnumbered...
If I could just make it to that bat...

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The first fight of a new game
Now you have a weapon to fight with
Outnumbered in a dark alleyway!
Oof, this fight isn't going too well

DOS version

Title screen
Punch his lights out
Getting above the action
Take some of this, and that, and that ...
Now you're gonna pound his ass

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Hey! Bring back Maria!
Baseball Bat Justice
Pits are crucial to taking out enemies quickly.
"Abobo Smash You Good!"
Tricky jumps in Level 2
Level 3 looks familiar
Scale the cliff for the final showdown.

Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Punching the Enemy
Sometimes enemies drop useful items, like the knife in this image.
Slightly less fun is getting smashed by a barrel, even if it's full of monkeys.
Level Clear
First Boss begging for forgiveness.
That looks like it hurts...
Lee brothers
I'm coming !
New Game Boy Advance Stage
The park

Genesis version

Title screen
The bad guys kidnap the girl
Nice menu
Squeezed between two bad guys
The fellow with the tube doesn't look very friendly
They were waiting for me...
Some of the action involves jumping over crates
Come and get me!
This weapon is surely worth getting...
Ugly things can happen even in an idyllic forest...

Lynx version

Company name and game title
Title screen
Select difficulty level and game mode.
Opening cinematic
Starting level 1.
My first vict...I mean, opponent.
The second opponent
Uh-oh. Double teamed.
They beat me. Game over.

MSX version

Title screen
Attack before you're closed in
If you''ve defeated these guys... a monster shows up
Level 2, start
Beat up the green monster
Second title

NES version

Title Screen
Title Screen (Japanese version)
Europe Title screen
Marian has been kidnapped!
A typical Mission opening
Billy Lee strikes back!
A Roper throws the oil drum.
A pair of Lindas guard the entrance to the factory.
Abobo, the Giant Appears!
Flying Kick at the Industrial Area.
Williams gets hit by his own weapon
The Deadly Hands of Chin Taimei!
The Hideout of the Black Warriors lies beyond this forest.
The VS. Mode's Player Select screen.
VS. Mode: Williams stabs his double.
Batter up!!!
Chin gets thrown
Abobos like to smash through walls.

SEGA Master System version

Tag team
Tag Team #2
Title Screen
Taking your girl
Knocks him down
Taking your girl #2
Getting the drop
Abobo strikes again

Xbox 360 version

The who made by screen
Title Screen
Main Menu
Some of the games extras, an old advertising poster shot
The story behind the game
Taking the gal! Notice the new visual look.
Ready for action
The first catch of the day
But I only wanted some milk!
Enter the Dominatrix

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
The first fight of the game
Now I'm outnumbered!
This large guy can be tough to beat...
Now I'm taking a beating...
Mission 1 completed
Mission 2 - using barrel as a weapon
Using club as a weapon
Mission 3a
High kick
On the bridge
Mission 3b - head knee
Standard face punch
Using rock as a weapon
Mission 4
Fight against three opponents
Mission 5a
Avoiding wooden obstacles
Avoiding moving spear
Mission 5b Final
Kidnapped Marian is watching the fight
Final fight
Girlfriend is free
Game over

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