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Arcade 1 3.3
Neo Geo 5 3.7
Neo Geo CD 1 5.0
PlayStation 1 5.0
Combined User Score 8 4.0

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Neo GeoDefunct Games
There are games that you go into just knowing you are going to hate it. But every so often you are pleasantly surprised to actually enjoy the game. Double Dragon for the Neo Geo isn't just impressive, it's highly recommended over many of the "bigger name" Neo Geo fighters. I wasn't just impressed, I was blown away.
Neo Geo CDElectric Playground
Imagine my surprise! I was expecting a remake of a fighter long past it's prime, what I got was a wholly entertaining, immediately accessible, quite brilliant, two player festival of punishment. The people at Technos really got it together for this one, which raises the level of the Double Dragon legacy forever.
Neo GeoMega Fun
Meine Hoffnung, daß doch einmal etwas anderes als Fortsetzungen und Prügelspiele für das NG erscheinen, zerschlagen sich immer mehr. Wenigstens hat Tecnos ein noch relativ ansprechendes Spiel erstellt, das einen das in der letzten Mega Fun vorgestellte Galaxy Fight leichter verschmerzen läßt. Sowohl die Grafik als auch die technische Seite (Zoomeffekt, Geschwindigkeit) können überzeugen. Dafür wurde bei den Animationen und der Musik gespart, was man noch verzeihen kann. Bei der Spielbarkeit wiederum haben die Jungs bei Tecnos solide Arbeit geleistet. So gehen die Special Moves gut von der Hand. und auch Schläge oder Blockversuche sind gut zu beherrschen. Mit zehn unterschiedlichen Kämpfern habt ihr zudem eine ansprechende Auswahl, um Euren Liebling zu küren. Bei all den positiven Ansätzen bleibt Double Dragon aber doch hinter den NG-Vorzeigeprügelspielen zurück und ist nur für echte Fans wirklich unverzichtbar
Neo Geo CDThe Video Game Critic
The backgrounds are pretty generic and poorly animated, although there are a few novel locations, like fighting on the wings of a flying plane! Some stages have interesting intros and ending sequences as well. In terms of gameplay, Double Dragon is basically just a second rate Street Fighter 2 (SF2). Its one original feature is the "double jump", which has questionable value in a game like this. Many of the special moves have been shamelessly lifted from SF2 (notably Ryu's Hurricane Kick). Still, the controls are responsive enough and the load times are short, so if you're into these kind of games, Double Dragon should keep you occupied for a while.
Neo GeoGamePro (US)
Normally, Double Dragon would just be average, but the silly aspects (the announcer) and goofy fighters (with some very standard moves) get in the way. Despite it's commendable controls, it's still not a very good game.
Neo GeoDigital Press - Classic Video Games
There's nothing here that's revolutionary though. It's a basic fighter that seems stuck in a rut. A few years before its release, it might have made some noise. Everything about it screams quality, yet it's hard to ignore how generic it is. There's enough here for a brief, light fighting game session, but nothing to become excited over. It's also not for fans of the series, and that's where the biggest shock will come from. After the previous years Double Dragon V, it's understandable that fans would be apprehensive. That leaves this Neo Geo exclusive easy to miss, and while it's not something necessary to track down, there is a mildly fun game here, despite its generic qualities.
Je suis... troublé ! Cela fait en effet plusieurs jours que nous cherchons les parents du jeu Double Dragon sur PlayStation. Ces derniers ont en effet disparu peu après la naissance du jeu... Les raisons ? On les imagine aisément quand on termine ce jeu de baston en moins de 9 minutes, en décomptant les temps de chargement incroyablement longs...