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Unlike a lot of puzzle games, Downstream Panic has a decidedly organic feel to it. It feels as though you're playing in a virtual eco system. Rent it for sure.
PSPGameZone (Feb 14, 2008)
Downstream Panic! is a stellar, uncommon game with some of the best and most clever challenges ever conceived. If you like puzzle games of any kind, you will be engrossed by all that this title has to offer.
PSPPSX Extreme (Feb 27, 2008)
Downstream Panic is perhaps the first sleeper hit of the year for the PlayStation Portable. Fans of the puzzle genre should really check the game out, as for a mere $30 it offers a plethora of entertainment and fun. Its addictive gameplay will make sure that you play through all 80 missions, and come back for more. Furthermore, it features a solid amount of depth, and its presentation is quite easy on the eyes. Pick this one up.
PSPIGN (Feb 06, 2008)
Downstream Panic! is one hell of an impressive puzzle game. It has a ton of character, and you won't find anything else that makes use of water like this on the system. It can be incredibly challenging at times, though the clever level design rarely makes you feel like something is unsolvable. There are a few issues with having to rely on pixel-perfect use of your tools at times and you'll occasionally need luck on your side, but these fallacies certainly don't outweigh the game's strong points. Be sure to check this one out.
PSPWorth Playing (May 19, 2008)
Downstream Panic! is obviously aimed at the increasingly large market of casual gamers, which developers seem all too eager to placate nowadays. However, Downstream Panic! is a solid effort, and for all my gripes about it being shallow, it does its job in keeping you occupied. It's fun, bright and charming, and it's worth checking out if you're planning on traveling somewhere, but I wouldn't blame you if this was the one that got away.
PSPDefunct Games (Jun 17, 2008)
Of course, you shouldn't go into Downstream Panic expecting it to be a LocoRoco-style game, outside of the visuals the two games share very little in common. Downstream Panic is actually a Lemmings clone, and a darn good one at that. It may not have as many diverse levels as Lemmings, but that shouldn't keep you away from enjoying this charming little puzzle game. This is definitely worth a look for anybody that enjoys a fun and challenging puzzler.
PSPGaming Nexus (Jun 10, 2008)
It may look and feel like Lemmings, but Atari's newest puzzler has a number of tricks up its sleeve. Downstream Panic proves to be one of the most charming and exciting puzzle games of the year, an adorable little game that combines old school gameplay with modern graphics. This is one puzzler that is well worth seeking out!
PSPGamePro (US) (Mar, 2008)
Downstream Panic! certainly isn't the best puzzle game out for the PSP, but that shouldn't stop you from trying out this fun addition to the system's library.
PlayStation (UK) (Apr 23, 2010)
The sheer unabashed evil that Eko Software has managed to cram into a seemingly cute puzzler is something to behold. Despite its soothing colourful cartoon visuals and plinky-plonky soundtrack, within an hour or so, I was ripe for medication, punching the sofa and roaring obscenities to the developers' mothers as yet another fiendish slice of lateral brain trickery was unveiled. Man, if high blood pressure and incandescent rage was a measure of a game's quality, Aqua Panic would win awards.
PSPVideo Game Talk (Feb 09, 2008)
As an overall game, "Downstream" is a fun and addictive experience. It is challenging with a lot to offer and pretty good replay value. With eighty stages out of the box, that's a lot of gaming. The developer advertises at least ten hours. There will also be additional levels available as downloadable content. The bottom line is that if you have enjoyed the classic Lemmings or Nintendo's Pikmin, then "Downstream" is a must.
PlayStation (Jul 04, 2010)
Aqua Panic ! a beau être mignon et coloré, il n’en reste pas moins un bon jeu de réflexion avec 80 niveaux à la difficulté progressive. Les trente derniers offrent d’ailleurs un bon challenge qui se traduira pour beaucoup par une progression par l’échec. Même s’il est proposé à dix euros (prix très correct donc), il faut reconnaître qu’il souffre de quelques défauts dont des petits bugs de physique de temps à autre ou encore l’impossibilité de dézoomer, surtout que le gameplay, bien qu’accessible, reste moins précis avec les sticks qu’avec le stylet de la DS (premier support d’accueil du soft). Ceci dit, ceux qui apprécient les casse-tête peuvent se jeter sur ce petit soft bien sympathique. Nous vous conseillons toutefois d’y jouer à petites doses, sans quoi sa répétitivité peut rapidement rebuter.
65 (Apr 16, 2010)
Reprenant le principe des Lemmings, Aqua Panic est un jeu de réflexion plutôt sympathique. Ne vous laissez cependant pas berner par l'aspect guilleret du titre, il vous faudra vraiment vous creuser les méninges pour résoudre des énigmes relativement ardues.