Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki da yo - Zenin Shūgō! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Starting screen
Choose one or two players
Starting the game
Some services
In-game menu
A fight with a rival gang
The world map
Enemy has no chance in this fight
Fight in water
Throw thing into enemy face!
He is probably dead

NES version

The title screen, if you could call it that
Part of the opening cut-scene
The classic "Orange Whale"
Here's the map, you can see the different gangs moving about on it
Battling (I like playing as Tsuu)
It's Ginpa, he's the first boss
Ginpa's tough...
But we're better :)
Another cut-scene
Battling another gang
An inn, rest to recover all your health!
The next boss, Gonsa. Unlike River City Ransom, every gang has a boss
We win again :)
He offers to join us!
Now I can play as him instead!