Dr. Mario

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Tetris leveled up! NES Pixelspeech (955)
Best mindless entertainment game since Tetris. NES Multimedia Mike (17555)
A classic puzzle game which still remains enjoyable today NES Jon Collins (28)
Play "Tetris" with Mario. Game Boy Michael B (341)
Everybody (especially Tetris fans) will find themselves addicted to this game in minutes. Game Boy pocketgamer2000 (22)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 3 4.1
Game Boy 22 3.7
Game Boy Advance 12 3.9
NES 52 3.9
Nintendo 3DS 3 4.4
SNES 8 4.2
Wii U 1 5.0
Combined User Score 101 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Dr. Mario may not be as popular or critically acclaimed as it’s older brother Tetris. But I honestly belive it is the better game. It’s intuitive design and simplistic gameplay make it very user friendly, but it’s customization of speed and virus infestation make it a tough one to master. On top of that it’s one of the most competitive games on the market to this date. If you haven’t tried this outstanding puzzler out yet, then you owe it to yourself to pick up either the original, Dr. Mario 64, or even its latest reincarnation in Wario Ware Inc.
Game BoyVideoGame
Depois do sucesso que o Mario, ex-encanador - neste game ele é médico - obteve curando pacientes no Nintendo, nada mais natural que ele também mostrasse suas habilidades também no Game Boy.
Game BoyConsoles Plus
Mélange de Tétris et de Columns, Dr Mario est une grande réussite. Le concept est suffisamment modifié pour être original et les techniques à appliquer complètement différentes.
NESNES Archives
Dr. Mario is not quite as good as Tetris but its two-player mode is my personal favorite of all of the Tetris clones on the NES. You can really adjust the levels for two players of different talent levels to make any match even. This is a must buy if you are a fan of Tetris but not necessary if you don’t enjoy those kinds of games.
La version NES reste la meilleure de toutes car elle est en osmose avec la console, chaque élément du jeu colle parfaitement avec les capacités de la petite NES. Et je ne le répèterai jamais assez, les musiques sont super.
All in all Dr. Mario proves to be another top-notch puzzler in the NES library. Nintendo did an excellent job building on the Tetris formula with its own added touches, and it has enough addicting action that will have you constantly coming back for more. This is one doctor that you should definetely make an appointment with.
NESMean Machines
I liked Columns a lot, but in places it was ridiculously easy. But Dr Mario's even better, what with dealing with all the germs as well as creating the columns. When you first start playing, clearing the screen of germs is quite a tall order but once you've got the hang of it, there's tons to keep you glued - like creating cunning multiples for example. Dr Mario is a mega-addictive game that certainly deserves a place in any NES owner's collection, although if you're after a single puzzle game to keep you occupied, Tetris still rules.
Game BoyMean Machines
This is a perfect Gameboy title, and is a brilliant puzzle game in its own right - it's sold over a million units in America! There's just the right amount of annoyance and addiction, and there's a huge amount of levels to keep up a constant challenge. I think it's different enough from Tetris to warrant purchasing, and it's easily the most enjoyable addictive Gameboy game I've played in months. Don't miss it.
Game Boy AdvanceArmchair Empire, The
Dr. Mario still plays strong and is as deeply addictive as it was when it was originally released. The concept is simple: line up like-color pills to kill viruses in a Tetris-like setting. As the difficulty ramps up there are more viruses and the pills drop faster. It’s a solid title and it’ll pay for itself if you can addict your significant other to Dr. Mario’s gameplay. My wife will agree to anything while playing Dr. Mario.
NESVideo Games
Nintendo hat mit dem in Spielerkreisen angesehenen Gütezeichen “Mario“ glücklicherweise kein Schindluder getrieben. Dr. Mario spielt sich recht eigenständig und macht einen Mordsspaß. Gerade im übervölkerten Markt der Denk- und Tüftelspiele ist es schön, mal wieder einen so guten Vertreter zu sehen. Die Präsentation ist schlicht und passend, im Sound-Bereich werden Euch zwei verschiedene Melodien zur Hintergrundberieslung angeboten. Der berühmte Ich-spiel-nur-noch-eine-Runde-Effekt trat bei mir schon lange nicht mehr so stark auf wie bei Dr. Mario - sowohl bei der Game-Boy- als auch bei der NES-Version.
Game BoyVideo Games
Dr. Mario ist seinem Vetter Tetris auf den ersten Blick sehr ähnlich. Spielt man jedoch munter drauflos, erweist sich das Modul nach kurzer Eingewöhnungszeit als erfrischend neuartig. In der Masse der Neuerscheinungen in diesem Genre ist Dr. Mario eines der wenigen echten Highlights. Falls Ihr nicht völlig den Tüftelspielen abgeschworen habt, ist es für Euren Garne Boy die beste Medizin jenseits von Tetris.
Game BoyPower Play
Man ahnt nichts Böses - und wieder sind die Batterien leer; dabei hatte man doch erst gestern die Akkus aufgeladen. Klarer Fall: "Dr. Mario" hat wieder zugeschlagen.
Game BoyMegablast
OK, die Basis-Idee kann ihre Herkunft nicht verleugnen, trotzdem spielt sich Dr. Mario recht eigenständig und praktisch ebenso gut wie das klassische Vorbild. Grafisch ist die Grübelei freilich für keinen Meilenstein gut, aber das bißchen, was es zu sehen gibt, sieht ganz manierlich aus. Auch die zwei Musikstücke und wenigen Jingles holen keinen Affen vom Baum, doch dafür ist hier ohnehin eher das geniale Spielprinzip zuständig. Wer „Tetris“ mag, wird Dr. Mario lieben – und wer mag „Tetris“ eigentlich nicht?
Game BoyNintendojo
Dr. Mario is a solid package that fits itself perfectly into the huge library of existing Game Boy games. With everything done right the first time, there is little reason for a Game Boy Advance update, except for more colors and a more efficient multiplayer system. If you haven’t played it on the Super Nintendo or Nintendo64, go to your local Funco and pick this one up for that upcoming trip you’ve been planning. With its inescapable brilliance and that familiar Nintendo license for fun, you’ll find yourself playing for numerous hours. I authoritatively prescribe this as a great boredom cure, to be sure. Next patient, please!
Game BoyRaze
Two-player games on the Game Boy are always fun, but people with a UK Game Boy will already have Tetris, the original and still best puzzle game.
Dieses Spiel ist KULT - gar keine Frage. Wer schon Stunden mit Tetris verbringen konnte, der kann dies auch mit Dr. Mario tun. Nach meinem Empfinden ist der Motivationsgehalt bei Tetris aber etwas höher. Nichtsdestotrotz hat auch dieses Spiel seine Daseinsberechtigung und ist keinesfalls schlecht. Für ein kurzes Spielchen zwischendurch ist es allemal zu gebrauchen.
Game Boy AdvanceNintendojo
Dr. Mario is a good addition to the Classic NES Series mostly thanks to the brilliant wireless multiplayer feature, but also because it's a timeless puzzle game. It's easily recommended for old school gamers. Although the game is available as Dr. Wario in Wario Ware, it could be worth your twenty bones.
NESGame Freaks 365
Overall, this game is fun, and it can last a while between the single player and two-player elements, but I find Tetris 2 to have more depth with its one player against the computer mode, more variety with its different shaped falling things, and more satisfying music. Although this game is good and well worth picking up, if you are only going to pick up this or Tetris 2, I’d say go for Tetris 2.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpot
The GBA version of Dr. Mario is a great emulation of the original NES game. The production values of the game don't quite measure up to today's standards even for a puzzle game, but the gameplay has held up well over the past decade and a half, and the wireless networking is a really nice feature. If you were a big fan of the original, or you're in the market for a Tetris-like puzzle game for your GBA, Dr. Mario is a worthy purchase.
Game Boy AdvanceRetro Gamer
While Dr Mario isn’t the best example of the puzzle genre around, and the likes of Tetris and Puyo Puyo are still superior overall, it’s a great game all the same and its new incarnation on the GBA brings the title back to its mobile roots.
Game Boy AdvanceIGN
Even though this game was given away for free in Wario Ware as an unlockable called Dr. Wario (as well as a free download in the GameCube Nintendo Puzzle Collection release in Japan), the game scores well thanks to its simple fun and its quick ability to get into two player mode.
Hmmm...ob der x-te Klon dieser Art von Spielen euch noch begeistern kann, hängt wohl maßgeblich von eurem Erfahrungsschatz ab. Geboten wir hier halt nicht mehr als dürftige Standardkost, sieht man mal vom zeitweise spaßigen Zweispielermodus ab. Wessen geschicktes Spielerhändchen noch nicht genug vom angeblich zeitlosen Spielprinzip hat, kann den geforderten Preis ja mal investieren - sollte sich dann im Nachhinein aber nicht beschweren.
NESThe Video Game Critic
Dr. Mario must have been a hit on the NES, because it was later re-released for the SNES and N64. Despite being one of the few video games my wife enjoys playing, she was rather critical of this NES version. Compared to the N64 edition, the visuals look indistinct and even I have to admit the difference is pretty dramatic. There are better versions out there, but Dr. Mario is inherently fun on any platform.
Game BoyTotal!! UK Magazine
Clever attempt at a Tetris-style puzzler, but that doesn't quite work. You'll enjoy your first few attempts, but it soon becomes a bit of a drag.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Freaks 365
Now for the really important question: is this game worth getting? If you've never played Dr. Mario before, you should definitely give it a try and there are many versions of this game that have been released over the years. If you've played the game before and want a portable version, this game is probably better than the Game Boy version and has the distinction from the original Game Boy version of being playable on a DS if you have one. If, however, you are not interested in playing the game on the go and you already have another version of it, you can probably safely skip this version as it contains nothing new to speak of.
Game BoyElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Dr. Mario is a good update to Tetris. By not allowing matches on the diagonal makes the game a bit shallow and flat but it still comes off well on the GameBoy. The puzzles start off easy but are challenging and fast paced in the higher levels.
Game Boy AdvanceJeuxActu
Malgré sa réalisation vétuste, Dr. Mario reste un jeu sympathique si vous êtes nostalgiques de l’époque 8-bits et grands amateurs de puzzle-games, conditions sine qua non pour apprécier le titre. A défaut d’avoir fait quelques retouches Nintendo a au moins le mérite de proposer ce titre à seulement 20€. Et si vous décidez de jouer à Dr. Mario plus de 30 minutes, faites un saut à la pharmacie du coin, prendre une boite d’aspirines car croyez-moi vous en aurez besoin.
Game Boy AdvanceJeuxvideo.com
Avec Dr Mario, Nintendo invente carrément le Tetris-like, rien que ça ! Cela dit, on est bien loin de l'original et on se demande un peu pourquoi Nintendo ressort aujourd'hui ce vieux titre. Trop répétitif et pas franchement marrant, la nostalgie n'excuse pas tout. Mieux vaut encore tenter de dénicher un exemplaire de Columns Crown, un autre dérivé du concept, mais plus réussi cette fois.
Game Boy AdvanceCheat Code Central
Nintendo has been giving Dr. Mario away for free in the past so I really have to question forking over $20 for the game. If you haven't played Wario Wares already and you're somewhat interested in Dr. Mario, get Wario Wares. It's the best of all worlds. You can thank me later. In the meantime, search the net where you might find a free, playable version of Dr. Mario online.