Dracula Hakushaku Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Interesting main menu
Even more interesting options menu!
Oh no, my wives, my wives...
Reminiscence from the past...
What's that guy doing here?..
Mysterious silhouette
Conversation with a creepy girl
Come on man, that looks more like my kind of job...
The game can be saved at certain points
She looks nice...
...but not as nice as now!
Beginning of a sexual scene
Choose a spot to bite her
Some creepy images...
Cozy room...
What? Jack the Ripper? But I thought he was a Russian student, at least according to Boris Akunin :)
Mysterious coffin...
Necrophiles of all countries, unite!
Dramatic scene between Dracula and van Helsing
Lots of gory images...
Welcome to the club, pal!
Dig the stockings
New icons appear during sex scenes
Now, this is really nice of you, girls!
Can I ask what shampoo you are using?..
Inventory usage

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Main menu, compared to the PC98 original this version is missing the options feature
Intro, Count Dracula has risen from the grave, returning to his home to find his seven vampire brides are all bones
Hey, whatchya doing over there?
Gave the dog a bone from a dead horse, now I can get into that house
Save point, other than a bigger cursor and bold font, graphically the X68000 version is the same as the other two (PC98 and FM Towns)
Igo isn't the game I had in mind...
This painting found in the monastery will be familiar to anyone into symbolism art movement - it's "The Apparition" by French painter Gustave Moreau
Time travel