Dracula Unleashed Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Introduction movie: setting the scene
One "Leopold Stransokowski" is the exception that proves the rule of acting quality in full-motion video games
Detailed location-specific etchings and engravings decorate the interface when the video clips have been completed
Game options
Time check
Reading one's automatic notes taken following encounters
An address book of potential destinations
Atmospheric illustrations of locations before you enter them. This is your home; your transportation, a carriage, awaits on the right.
Inventory management
Calculating travel times with a map of London
Help on the game interface from no less than Dr. Abraham Van Helsing in the flesh! well, in the voice.
Video: the plot thickens
Perusing further detail in the newspaper
Jonathan and Mina Harker -- two characters from Stoker's original novel -- conversing with your protagonist
Lush static illustrations during narrated flashbacks
Your inquiries will bring you to strange locations
A gory end for our hero!
... of course, you have the standard options at your disposal.

SEGA CD version

Publisher screen
Title screen with main menu
Options screen
Intro Movie
Outside the home
Inside the Carriage, which takes us to the sites.
The sites can be chosen from the address book.
Map overview
Let time pass
Our inventory
The Nades club
The newsstand
Newsstand picture
Newsstand Movie
In front of Reuters' telegraph office
Telegraph office picture
At the telegraph office
The Saucy Jack bar
Saucy Jack bar picture
Let the time pass in order to get into the bar.
In front of the bookseller
Bookseller picture
Bookseller movie
The asylum
Asylum picture