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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Select your class and gender for the story protagonist.
Game starts in the middle of a battle with control hints... as the dwarf tells it.
Dialog lines are replaced with Mass Effect style radial choices.
Customize your character.
You can import save game from Origins which will tell you which events were crucial and will affect this game.
The town is full of thugs and bandits when the night falls.
Party inventory screen.
Leveling up the character in your party.
There are various types of main and optional quests you can follow.
Taking on an arcane horror with your new companion.
Hawke stands by his family no matter the logic of dispute.
Different choices can change the balance of friendship between you and your party members to better or worse.
There's a lot of refugees from Ferelden at Lirene's place.
To keep up with tougher enemies, you'll have to buy or find better weapons, and sell junk wares if you're low on cash or space.
Various interiors repeat over and over again which no doubt decreased this game's production time, but also player's experience.
Taking on the dragon that's giving a hard time for miners.
Manny smaller side quests will all yield in similar or same response and a 50 silver coins reward.
World map in this game consists of Kirkwall town at day/night and surrounding mountains.
The Qunari leader and his plans for the town are rather murky, and backed up by their own ideology.
Entering the chantry.
Some characters from earlier Dragon Age games will also appear.
These templars were obviously clueless as to who they were ambushing.
Enjoying the view and the moment in all-girl company.
The blood splatter effect after the battle is as present as in prequel.
Each map location has its own loading screen.
Messing up with succubah demon's plans.
Enchantment!! Yes, the two dwarves from the original DA are back to render you their services of enchanting items.
Your party will have only those characters you accepted and are still alive.
Kirkwall at night is full of thugs and bandits that will forfeit their lives while trying to kill you.
Various romance options are present, as well as a strictly business relationship in local brothel.
Qunari may look tough but they fall down just as easy.
Skeletons and undead are no match for Hawke's anger.
You're party members are more than helpful as your blade alone would certainly not be enough to keep you going.
Dragon Age II version of EA logo
Cassandra has a few questions for you to answer
The entire game story is being told by one of your companions
Taking down the big guy should put a stir in enemy ranks
Exploring the town at night
Questioning the merchant
This mature dragon is not going down without a fight
Oh I do so love to intrude on the Templar business
Gathering info at the brothel
Merrill's room
Meeting with the king
It's time to take our relationship to the net level, Merrill
Sweet surrender
None of them is left standing, onward my companions
There will be no negotiation with the scum

Windows version

Title screen + Main menu
Lovely loading screen
Choose the character class
The game starts with this dwarf being interrogated...
...by a certain mysterious Chantry messenger
The destruction of Lothering, familiar to us from the first game
Combat against Darkspawn
New dialogue choices (like in Mass Effect... simplified); same "bloody faces"...
Well, it's called DRAGON Age...
Character creation
Stylish cutscene
Ability tree for a warrior
Inventory screen
The battles are faster and surely more gruesome
You can spend hours reading about Dragon Age setting in codex
Old friends, it's always nice to meet them!..
Party selection screen
Characters always have something to say each other
It's about dragons, after all
The dialogs are now done in Mass Effect wheel style
That thaig looks different, what secrets lie behind?
You can have romance with the characters, like in the previous game.
Party members frequently comment on whatever strikes their fancy. Typical Merrill observation here...
So our heroes decided to take a break from all this questing and visit a... err... erm... ancient establishment of carnal pleasures
That's a lot of lava, guys. Wouldn't want to fall down there, now would we?
Can you say "GIANT SPIDER"?!..
The viscount is a wicked guitar player, I'm telling you. He can do a badass solo on "Giant Steps"
In case you can't take a hint, BioWare decided to provide each dialogue option with an "emoticon". So THAT's where our "friendship" is going...
Yup, what you see is no mod or hack, that's right there in the original game. Equal rights to everyone, you know what I'm saying?..
The best screenshot for this game, ever, trust me!.. And look, you can actually "break her heart"...
Enchantment? Enchantment!.. Remember the slow-witted dwarf Sandal from the previous game? He's back with a vengeance. You attempt to enhance Varric's favorite weapon, a crossbow called "Bianca"
As you complete quests, you become wealthier. You move to your own Hawke estate. Looks lovely, don't you think?
This quest involves investigating serial murders of women. You can see a chest with a difficulty level on it. You can also see Merrill in a new outfit - companions get them after completing a romance
Ehh... yeah, I think that would be a good idea
Just admiring the view, is all
Is this a sword stuck in your leg or are you just happy to see me?
Tough choices, VERY tough choices...
Resisted! Interrupted! Resisted! Resisted! Come on guys, keep the rhythm, I don't do aerobics with lazy people! 1-2-3-4!..
Oh wow... DESIRE demon, that's what it is, indeed...
This guy is one of the final bosses. I wonder if he considered a visit to a dermatologist?
The power of fire
An amazing duet!..

Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Scene from the intro movie
Character selection screen
Targeting enemies for your spell
Dead enemies sometimes leave loot
Some chests are locked and need to be picked by thieves
An ogre, your first dangerous enemy
Dragon age features .... dragons!
Welcome to Kirkwall ... you will spent a lot of time in this city
The journal contains all sort of information
Varric deals with his brother
Map view
The Chantry of Kirkwall
Party selection screen
Your party in combat ... this can get somewhat confusing sometimes
Inventory screen including item comparison
Note the cave ... you will see the layout of this cave a lot in this game
Ingame tutorial
Finally a dragon you can fight and defeat
Map view
Items can be stored in your personal storage for later retrieval
Templars are another faction in the game
Another repeating dungeon layout
Dialogue options are similar to Mass Effect
You can build relations with your companions depending on your actions
The game is bloody
This is the only kind of vegetation you will see
You will receive letters and quests from your desk
Crafting screen
Everyone's favourite ... a desire demon
The big spider did not stand a chance against the puny humans
Lightning strikes
The Vartteral is a formidable enemy .. do not underestimate it
Quick selection radial menu
Character creation screen
No RPG without quests ...
... and leveling
Character stats
Learning spells

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