Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Dragon Ball Densetsu Screenshots

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PlayStation version

Title screen
The Saiyans' arrival
Selecting 3 of the 4 possible fighters for the battle to follow
The blue balance meter increases as you hit the opponent while the enemy's red balance meter decreases
When the blue meter is fully charged the player you control at that time uses a special move
Frieza loading screen
Super Saiyan Goku preparing to use Kamehame
That should hurt
Goku, Picolo and Krilin battling Vegeta
Gohan using Masenco
Gohan's Masenco going straight to one of the Ginyu
Intro of the Ginyu forces
Goku using Spirit Bomb
Vegeta and Nappa loading screen
3 vs 2
Vegeta attacks
One more hit to get rid of this guy
A wider selection of characters available from which you still have to choose only 3
No 18 intro before the fight