Dragon Knight Screenshots

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MSX version

Cute Elf logo
Title screen
The adventurer observes Strawberry Land
Intro: Talking to queen Luna
Town menu
Entering the tower
Buying weapons and armor
Pray for me, baby!
Palace entrance
What a sweet country this is...
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
battles have little to offer in terms of graphics and animation
This demon is too strong...
Rest in peace, brave warrior...

PC-98 version

Cute Elf logo
Title screen
Our hero arrives!
Meeting Luna
Even the palace guards are women... Can I move to this city?
Chatting with the queen
Have some respect to a goddess, Takeru!
Town navigation menu
Can I show you my weapon?..
I wanted to write "don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful", but you've seen too many screenshots of mine with this title already...
Here you can find out how much experience you need to level up
Dungeon! Get ready!
Random enemy appears. Battle menu
Game Over, oh no...
This is a door. What did you think?
Die, lizard!