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Dragon Lord

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Atari ST

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    Enter the world of Dragon Lord, the most original multi-player role-playing universe ever created. You'll hatch, raise and train a herd of fierce, flying Dragons; blend custom potions in a fully-equipped Magick Laboratory; raise taxes from local villagers; and, attack and subjugate enemy strongholds. The path to ultimate victory is tortuous and difficult. Defeating your rival Dragon Lords requires the ultimate in strategy and role-playing skill. Meet this awesome challenge and uncover the power hidden deep within the fortress atop Dwarf Mountain. If you become the first of the three Lords to piece together the magic Talisman you will achieve the ultimate prize... immortality!

    *1 to 3 players compete simultaneously!
    *Easy-to-use graphic interface
    *Arcade action Dragon flying
    *Award winning graphics
    *Original Style Medieval Music

    Contributed by Jeff Sinasac (316) on May 23, 2000.