Dragon Lord Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
From the intro: Calgor flies
Select player(s)
Main menu
Ametrins castle and menu
Inspecting a town
Planing an attack
Breeding a dragon
The dragon lairs
Inspecting a dragon
What is happening in the world?
Your magic stock
The lab
A traveling salesman
Attacking a town
223 out of 996 isn't so bad
A small reward from a town in battle with the town I attacked
Dragon fight!
Setting the tax level for a conquered town
A dragon is born
Flying the dragon manually
Estor is no more
Ametrin is out of the game
Game over

DOS version

Title Screen (VGA)
Title Screen (tweaked EGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
Player selection
Bachim's turn to play
Overview of the land
Zooming in on the map
Direct your dragon to conquer or hold a town
Hatching a dragon egg
The alchemy system used to influence the development of the unborn dragon
The book of finances
The book of local events
Your inventory
Merchants drop by unexpected
Conquering a town
Some towns offer rewards
Oureod's turn to play
Ametrin's turn to play