Dragon Quest V: Tenkū no Hanayome Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Intro with in-game graphics: the birth of the hero
The game follows different time periods of the hero's life. He starts as a child
Still child hero, in a lavishly decorated room
Grown-up hero later in the game, in a church with Henry
One of the game's many settlements. Rotating the camera for better view
Exploring a cave dungeon
Battle in a cave!
World map during the day. Great weather!
A zoomed-out map of the area...
...and a full map of the game's world, with explored areas shown in detail
Battle in a forest. Wonderful backgrounds!
Battles in a field, with mountains in the background
This looks like a city to my liking!..
Visiting a bank
Like in other Dragon Quest games, many objects are interactive
Going backstage to chat with female dancers in a cabaret
Slime market - or slime town?..
It's getting late... beautiful effect on the world map
Reached a quiet secluded house with lovely surroundings
You can zoom out in any town for a better overview
Reached a majestic palace
A stony town at night. I have recruited monsters to my party!..
What a cool bar - even with a piano!..
World map exploration at night, with a horse carriage!
Boo!!.. More scary monsters appear at night!..
A bustling city with guards and other people
More scary monsters in another cave dungeon - but note the different, non-generic backgrounds!