Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
The story
Huh... monsters?!
Here we go again... next generation
Prince Atlas visits simple people
Character information
World map
Fighting a slime
In a dark cave
Near the capital city
Castle entrance
Walking around castle
Talking to your parents
Nice statue!
You want to buy armor, but the merchant is too lazy
Having an intellectual conversation with a chicken

PC-88 version

Title screen
Story, shmory
Intro. Interesting sci-fi elements...
Beautiful view
Introducing the heroes: the obligatory tough guy...
...and the obligatory cute anime girl
Starting location is the same as in the previous game!
Home village
World map. Visible enemies
Battle against low-level slimes
Light a torch to see in darkness
In the castle. The beginning of the game repeats that of the previous one verbatim!
High-level dungeon
High-level enemy
More sci-fi-like locations appear later
On the roofs
This enemy goes berserk
Dramatic conversation
Boss battle late in the game
Where are we?..
Visiting a large town

PC-98 version

Title screen
What?? Where is this sci-fi coming from?
Story, shmory...
Lovely land
Lovely girl :)
Hello to you too!
The great hero is sleeping :)
Exploring home town
World map
Fighting slimes
Exploring a cave
Talking to king and queen. Nice guys, actually :)
Royal palace
Admiring a monument
You have nothing better to do than chasing chicken

SNES version

Opening story
Opening cinematic
Opening animation
Title screen
Main menu
The starting conversation.
Walking about the village.

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen A
Title screen B
Romance, romance... in stylish sepia...
...and now in full color
Don't worry, girl. RPG hero is coming!..
Close-up on faces while introducing characters
No need for violence
Was I dreaming that I was a butterfly, or was a butterfly dreaming that it was I?.. --Zhuang Zi
My guess is that those are the bad guys...
....which don't all look bad, mind you!..
The mighty hero is in bed
Talking to the annoying old teacher
Character stats
Exploring your home village
World map, near mountains
Battle against slimes
Dark dungeon
Dramatic scene
World map, near the capital city
Royal palace
This is the capital city? Where's all the fun?..
Harbor city
What's the matter?.. CHICKEN?!..