Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Character information
Introducing the characters
The young prince
Nice girl!
Your master's house
Title screen
The prince visits simple people...
Fighting a slime
World map
Fighting three birds in a cave
Dead - what to do? Restart the battle, quit, or return to the town
The dark cave...
Near baron's castle
Castle entrance
Throne room
There is an item that allows you to view the whole area
The way to freedom!
You have a meaningful, intellectual conversation with a chicken
Buying stuff
Ohh, those enemies are too tough...

MSX version

Title screen
On the world map
In your house
Random battle
It's dark in the dungeon...
Underground river

PC-88 version

Title screen A
Title screen B
The story, the shmory, blah, blah, blah...
Lovely intro: the hero and the bird...
Beautiful view!
Introducing the characters!
Oh, it's you... I thought it was my weekly hair-dying specialist
Starting location. Dialogue with the annoying old guy
Exploring the home village
World map. Note the visible enemies
Battle against a low-level slime. Note the HP display
Battle in a cave
Opening the menu. You must light the torch to see anything
Castle. Chatting with the king
Low-mid level party visits a quiet town
Low-mid level enemies. Opening the magic menu
Tougher enemy - 500 HP!
This town is actually a dungeon area. Enemies will attack all the time
Mid-level enemies
Dramatic scene
Boss battle!

PC-98 version

Title screen
It was a peaceful day...
The hero and the pigeon
Beautiful view!
The story, the story...
Pigeon finds pretty girl. Pigeon smart! Good pigeon!
High-level party in a dark dungeon

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Story intro
Animated intro
Introducing the characters, this is Giles
Sitting on a throne
As if you couldn't guess, first random fight is with a slime - JRPG Tropes 101
Found a treasure chest in a cave
Since I'm in prison I might as well check out the options menu
Time to go shopping

SNES version

Title screen
The text in the SNES version is written entirely in kana (Japanese alphabet), no kanji (Chinese signs)
Talking to Raiyas
Walking around the town
World map
Fighting a slime
Fighting three birds in a cave
Baron castle entrance

TurboGrafx CD version

Intro Scene 1 (Peace for now)
Intro Scene 2 (Monsters!!!)
Intro Scene 3 (More Monsters!!!)
Intro Scene 4 (Great Struggle)
Intro Scene 5 (Aftermath)
Drax, King of Traitors
Young Logan
Shall we Begin???
The Hero
Ravishing Sidekick
More Sidekick
More, More Sidekick
The Hero ponders
His soon to be beloved
The Dragon
Opening Sequence
Random Battle
No Promises
Give me Magic!!!
Random Battle Again
Streets of Sylvan
Sylvan Enterance
Sylvan Castle
Near Sylvan
Logan kills!!!
Town of Revere
Operation a Success!!!
Near Exile, his exile
Bad News!!
Wandering the World
Thanks!! It stinks in there!!
More Fight!!!
We are winning!!!
Promises are meant to be broken
What should I by??
Aww! I want to sail!!