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Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer Screenshots

Epoch Super Cassette Vision version


Dragon Slayer Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title screen - just start, no options
Phase 1 starts - how many are there?
Your home is your castle.
While paused the little knight will set a a tent.
An abundance of enemies - the cross won't let the ghosts pass.
Don't get trapped between enemies!
Taking these coins to your home will boost your vitality - notice the potion to the left...
...with this special potion you can move heavy blocks.
Game over - killed by monsters.

Dragon Slayer Screenshots

MSX version

Real-time role-playing adventure game? Sounds good...
Starting the game
The color turns red if you are wounded
Clear and simple
Warp points take you to new locations
Run away, as long as you can!
Money, money, money!
This monster looks tough...

Dragon Slayer Screenshots

PC-88 version

Title screen
Falcom boasting
Some relevant control keys
Starting the game
Monster and treasure

Dragon Slayer Screenshots

Sharp X1 version

Title screen, note to Falcom: you shouldn't really brag if you can't even spell the name of your game ("Dragn")
Start of the game
Cornered by the skeletons and dead in 3, 2...
Gee, you don't say...