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Dragon Wars

Dragon Wars Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Game start
Big Dog
Innocent man
Rock spider
Statue of Namtar
Hope we fetch a good price

Dragon Wars Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen is copied from the box cover, which features artwork by Boris Vallejo.
You have been dumped into the slums. This is the first screen you see.
Pop-ups appear throughout the city, telling you things you need to know.
If you try to turn around, you meet this pop-up at the gate.
The guards' job is to contain you, and all the other lowlife, no-name riffraff.
Meeting the locals will give you appreciation for the guard viewpoint about the slumdwellers (that includes you, too!)
The residents move in packs, or gangs, and attack you.
There is a place where you can get healed though, and the bars are filled with ideas for how to escape...

Dragon Wars Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Character Status
ingame #1
Character statistics and inventory
The Stosstrupen - Namtar's Secret Police
Omnious Fellow - There's no way to kill this guy...he just runs off
Praying to Irkalla
This is Mystalvision. Namtar's lapdog.
Say hello to Mr. Humbaba. Purtagory's heavy weight tag team champion.
Your first encounter with Namtar.
Purtagory city gate. No way your going through this way without a scratch or two. Or bodybag for that matter...
Like our new chains? Buy the lastest chain fashion at your local slave shop today! Chains and cuffs sold separately.
The beginning...
Irkalla the Queen of Darkness, bound and shackled by Namtar.
The Dragon Brood Queen...that's one big mama!

Dragon Wars Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Story: Japanese version. No kanji this time :/
Picking up your characters
Walking around
Nice save screen

Dragon Wars Screenshots

Sharp X68000 version

Intro scene
Title screen
Status screen
Exploring, potential danger ahead
Somewhat weird encounter