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Commodore 64
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The king's treasures have been stolen! As the daring young prince, your goal is to recover them all. The treasures are being kept in various castles, each one guarded by a fire breathing dragon. Each level in the game has two parts; first you will need to cross the castle's drawbridge. You will have to jump and duck the dragons fireballs as well as avoid flying arrows to reach the other side! In the second part you need to collect all of the treasures on the screen and make it to the exit while avoiding the dragon who runs across the bottom of the screen. The dragons on each level have different patterns of movement and firing, and as the levels progress will become faster and trickier.


Dragonfire Apple II Running across the bridge.
Dragonfire VIC-20 Crossing the bridge on level one
Dragonfire ColecoVision Title screen 2
Dragonfire VIC-20 Steal treasures from the dragon...

Alternate Titles

  • "Dragon Treasure" -- Zellers title
  • "Dragon Fire" -- TRS-80 CoCo title

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The Press Says

The Video Game Critic Atari 2600 Jul 14, 2001 A 100
The Video Game Critic ColecoVision Nov 18, 2001 A 100
The Video Game Critic Intellivision Feb 05, 2002 B 75
Atari HQ Atari 2600 2002 7 out of 10 70
TeleMatch Atari 2600 May, 1983 3 out of 6 60
TeleMatch Intellivision May, 1983 3 out of 6 60
Tilt Atari 2600 Jul, 1983 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars 50
TeleMatch ColecoVision Feb, 1984 4 out of 6 40
VideoGame Atari 2600 Jul, 1991 2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars 40
Your Spectrum ZX Spectrum Dec, 1984 1 out of 15 7


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Dragonfire is the only commercial game sold by Radio Shack (and one of very few commercial program for the TRS-80 Coco period) that combined two different hi-res screen modes at once to squeeze more colors out of the screen. Using intricately timed programming during the drawing of each horizontal scanline, Frank changed the screen mode up 5 times per scanline to get the extra colors (8 real colors at once) instead of the usual 4 that other games used. Considering that there are 11,520 scanlines per second (60 Hz refresh), and the CPU only had 895,000 cycles per second, it is quite an amaziing feat. This broke a bit on the Coco 3, as the time was slightly different, and a patch was required to fix it.
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