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AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (May, 1990)
Though Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's Castle is a vast improvement over the previously-released Don Bluth creations, it's still not worth £45 - even with all the options. Movement is smooth, with the best animation of the series - some of the expressions on Dirk's lace have to be seen to be believed. Sound is a mixture of arcade quality speech and music (I'm sure on one section Dirk was humming to himself.) A purchase for anyone who thinks they should have one of the trilogy, and for those who can't get enough it (and If you've a hard drive and 1Mb all the better!). Neither will be disappointed, but neither will be able to afford the taxi fare back home again!
AmigaAmiga Joker (Apr, 1990)
Fazit: Wer auf Mega-Grafik steht und vor dem horrenden Preis nicht zurückschreckt, darf den Erwerb ernsthaft in Erwägung ziehen. Und Zocker, denen es mehr um Spielbarkeit zu tun ist? Nun, die wissen ja jetzt, was sie erwartet...
AmigaThe One (Apr, 1990)
Apart from the top-notch animation and sound that's expected of these laser disc conversions, Escape From Singe's Castle features atmospheric juddering and scrolling scenery to add to the film-like feel. Sadly, it fails to compensate for the short-term entertainment on offer. There's just not enough interaction to provide genuine playability. Like its predecessors, Escape From Singe's Castle is an experience for spectators rather than participators.
AmigaGénération 4 (Apr, 1990)
Dragon's Lair est donc une remarquable démonstration des possibilités de l'Amiga. Question jeu, l'intérêt n'est pas immense, enfin certains peuvent aimer... Mais si le joueur doit se concentrer sur les mouvements et n'a pas le temps d'apprécier les détails du graphisme, le spectateur, lui ne restera pas indifférent.
Atari STST Format (Feb, 1992)
Things haven't changed in the world of laser disk games. They're still chock lull of gorgeous graphics and stonking sounds, but the gameplay seems to have slipped out in transit. There just isn't any. Whacking a joystick occasionally hoping something good might happen isn't skilful, it's just plain annoying. Very very annoying - the game's so frustrating you don't want to play it at all. Particularly since there are long, slow bouts of disk accessing after every scene and when you die - and the game's not even hard drive installable which is the only thing that might have made it vaguely playable. Boring, dull, frustrating, pointless and ridiculously expensive. Apart from that, it's fine.
Machen wir nun dem bösen Spiel endgültig ein Ende. Begeisterung ob den Grafiken und des Sounds; Kopfschütteln über das schwache Gameplay und den gigantischen Preis von 140 Mark. Da helfen auch die Ausreden „technische Meisterleistung“ oder „sind ja schließlich fünf Disketten“ nichts. ESCAPE EROM SINGE‘S CASTLE ist in meinen Augen ein vollkommen unnötiges Programm - ein Kurzfilm für „Millionäre“.
AmigaPower Play (Jun, 1990)
"Space Ace" war ja noch ganz lustig. Schnell geladen, konnte man sofort losspielen und hatte an dem Spiel Spaß, auch wenn's zu teuer war. Bei "Escape from Singe's Castle" hat man jedoch erfolgreich das letzte bißchen Programmierkunst ausgemerzt. Bis man zum Spielen kommt, vergeht rund eine Minute. Und auch im Spiel werden die Szenen in einer Geschwindigkeit nachgeladen, daß man fast glaubt, einen C64 ohne Floppy-Speeder vor sich zu haben (jedenfalls fast). Die Grafik ist toll, aber während man "Space Ace" noch spielen konnte, ist die Fortsetzung von "Dragon's Lair" nur noch ein einziger großer Spielekrampf.
Dragon's Lair II: Escape From Singe's Castle is an odd creature, an exceptional program which suffers from uninteresting game-play. Rather than continue to produce more products which resemble each other to the extent that the sequel resembles the original, perhaps it is time for ReadySoft to increase the value of their software by adding some "real" games to their great cartoons. With CD-ROM ready to become part of mainstream computer media, the gaming community can only welcome programs which are able to use it well. It is unfortunate that Dirk never turns to look at his audience before he dies. Not once does he use his animated charm to exhort a player to try just a bit harder to save him from yet another gut-rending fate. Perhaps that is why his followers never seem to tire of watching him die.