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Dragon's Lair

Dragon's Lair Screenshots

3DO version

Title screen
Dirk fighting a snake
Dirk slaying a goblin
Princess Daphne
Singe the Dragon
The castle where the dragon has made his lair.
Entering the lair.
Quick on the sword
Jump quickly to the right.
Dodging a knight.
Monsters on the charge.
Get ready to move...
Just in time.
Start of the horse sequence.
A surprising amount of Dirk's troubles are solved with the blade.
Enemies are certainly creative.
Behind you!
Whiff! Missed me!
Fighting Singe.
Death sequence. Dirk rots away almost instantly.

Dragon's Lair Screenshots

DOS version

Setup options and copyright notice Fine tuning to your system (usually dosbox) can take hours to perform- just skip it.
Dirk the Daring, looking just like you remember him from the arcade, now in your own home
Demo Sequence
careful Dirk!

Dragon's Lair Screenshots

iPhone version

Title screen
Main Menu
The game has option to play original arcade game or it's home port.
Dirk finds him self near the death situations all the time.
That's one nasty fall.
Something sinister is yet to come.

Dragon's Lair Screenshots

SEGA CD version

Publisher screen
Title screen
There's not much time until everything breaks down.
Tentacles should get sliced.
Quick, get through the door on the right.
Dead hero