Drakkar Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading Screen.
Title Screen.
Start of your quest.
Avoid the bats.

PC Booter version

The title screen
The drakkar of the title from the intro
The main menu (Composite mode)
The owls are peaceful, but the bat is dangerous
In the Roman camp
In the forest (Composite mode)
Deadly snakes and piranhas ahead
Roman insignas
'The gods' are depicted as dragons
Can't take the meat, but the fish is good for our health
Caesar is very friendly
Candelabra mean death
Here is one of our items
In the Roman city

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays while the game loads
Next comes part of the story. This scrolls up the screen to reveal more text.It ends with the company name and copyright information
Action keys can be redefined
The game starts with a storm at sea which is not good news for Erik's ship (this shot is mid lightning flash)
The game starts here. Erik is the little yellow man with the big nose on the right. He can move to the left but no further than the tree
Screen 2 travelling right. The white thing reduced Erik's health, shown by the VIDA bar. It cannot be killed with his current weapon.
One life lost trying to kill an un-killable thing. Erik will re-incarnate at this signpost.
Screen 3 : Colour bleed is quite bad here. Erik is walking into the red patch on the left. The owls seem to be just part of the scenery. The bats must be killed
The red ground is not some fatal river of lava, its just a change in scenery
Screen 4 : More bats to kill here, just as well Erik can jump quite high
Screen 5 : The bats have been killed. Eric cannot pass the tree. What do those confusing sign posts mean?