Dreadnoughts Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Loading screen
North sea shipping lanes and battle map
We have been spotted from long range
British Swordfish torpedo planes attack
Bismarck launches a float plane for long range recon
Enemy battleships in range
Bismarck primary target the Galatea - 7 hits main gun
The Galatea blows up!
The German cruiser Prinz Eugen exchange fire with the King George V
Each round shows summary battle exchanges
Prinz Eugen taking heavy damage from King George V
German cruiser Prinz Eugen blows up and sinks!
Bismarck now brings all guns broadside on the King George V
King George V blows up and sinks!
Ending battle summary - the Aurora out runs the Bismarck to freedom
Bismarck damaged trying to get back home. The British fleet alerted closing on the Bismarck contacts everywhere
Bismarck engaging the Hood
The Hood scores 10 secondary gun hits on the Bismarck

Commodore 64 version

North sea shipping lanes and battle map
Can't break radio silence or we give away our position
We have been spotted from long range
Maneuver instructions when in battle mode
Chasing down the Repulse
Bismarck taking some damage
Repulse being hammered with hull armor gone her main powder room is hit
The Repulse explodes!
Repulse sinks below the waves
Boxing in the King George
The Prinz also taking damage
The King George taking damage
Bismarck light damage
Chasing down the King George for the kill
The King George is almost finished and showing heavy damage
King George major damage slowing to 12 knots
The King George slips below the waves
Bismarck and Prinz heading back to port running into resistance
Too many ships must out run or evade
Heading back to port Bergen