Dream Chronicles Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Player name
Title / main menu
Intro cutscene
Diary - Chapter 1
Chapter 2 - replace the creatures
Lyra's bedroom
Diary - dream jewels
Doll house mini puzzle
Lyra's treehouse
Tangle & Aeval's house - Library

Windows version

Title Screen
A large number of players can play separate games
Instructions screen
Faye overviewing the town
In the house, looking for the signs of the animals
Faye's daughter having an enchanted dream
The game starts here
Lighting all the lights in a doll-house
The door to the balcony is open
Chapter Diary
The vision of Faye's husband
Repairing the bridge
A toy-house, fixing the cart
In the backyard, looking for something to dig the holes with
A diary, chronicling the amount of the jewels found
The library
A hidden pattern on the wall