4 Wheel Thunder Credits


Game ManagerEmmanuel Nouaille
Production AssistantJulie Taylor
Coach ProgrammerPhilippe Rivaillon
ProgrammersFrédéric Brunel, Jean-Sébastien Dasse, Gregory Garcia, Gregory Jan, Cedric Julien, Roland Lacoste
ScripterArnaud Lewden
Coach ArtistMaxime Deleris
ArtistsEmmanuel Correia, Philippe Courdille, Adrien Delaboudinière, Christian Diaz, Laurent Fischer, Sébastien Froncek, Antoine Guilbaud, Gwenael Heliou, Jean-Francois Hugon, Sebastien Larrue, Franck Manon, Mathieu Michel, Marc Moreno, Cyril Moreul, Hugo Palasie, Damien Papet, Nicolas Rivière, Daniel Roger, Michel Roger, Virginie Ropars, Alfio Trabuio, Olivier Triboulloy, Yi Moua Chong Yong
Public RelationsLaetitia Jauze
Product ManagerStéphanie Rolland
Post ProductionOlivier Bailly Maitre
MusicFrédéric Motte
Sound EffectsFrédéric Motte
Artist DirectorFrederic Levistre
Animator DirectorNicolas Messyasz
AnimatorSandrine Hervé
Q.A. ManagerPascal Lempereur
Test ManagerJérôme Antona
Lead AnalystPascal Saingré
Lead Analyst SupportJerome Braune
Main Analyst and Car AdjustmentArnaud Paraire
Special ThanksJames Anderson, Paul Bandey, Elton Bird, David Brooks, Jose Caparros, Will Davis, Xavier Delpeuch, Ludivine Doleux, Ludovic Dubois, David Gallardo, Erwin Gasmin, Alain Guyet, Frédéric Lavignasse, Loic Lepage, Jean-François Lopez, Jean-Luc Millan, Stephane Munuera, Serge Plagnol, Olivier Robin, Nicolas Sanchez, Philippe Seban, Will Shen, Thomas Szirtes, Tashin Tamer, Fabrice Têté, Sébastien Viannay
French localizationLocalsoft
Italian localizationLocalsoft
German localizationLocalsoft
Spanish localizationLocalsoft

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Credits for this game were contributed by quizzley7 (21159) and Randall Mage (120)