Army Men: Sarge's Heroes Credits


Project LeadBrent Fox
Lead ProgrammerJohn Renstrom
Technical AdvisorSteven H. Taylor
ProgrammersBryan Fowler, Jun Liu
Additional ProgrammersTyler Colbert, Kier Knowlton
ArtistsRobyn Miley, Johnny Breeze, Richard Russell, Mike May, Todd Dewsnup, Brent Fox
Additional ArtistsDavid McClellan, Robert Rumel
Audio DirectorEric Nunamaker
Audio AssistantLance LeVar
Content EngineerJeremy Throckmorton
Q. A. ManagerCindi Anderson
Lead TesterStewart King
TestersBrad Schaefer, Dustin Clauser, Steve Carlen, Robert Miley, Ryan Cook, Perry Wakefield
Operations ManagerKathy Parke
Art DirectorDon Seegmiller
Technical DirectorDan Baker
Special Thanks Saffire Management


ProducerMarcus Lindblom
Associate ProducerZach Wood
Assistant ProducerJason Barnes
Print Design and ProductionMidway Creative Services - San Diego
Product Marketing ManagerDerryl Depriest
Testing ManagerRobert Sablan
Testing SupervisorEric Narvaez
Lead TesterJason O'Brien
TestersBrien J. Atangan, Virgilio Abad, John Bozeman, Kevin Alfoldy, Mike Tagwerker, Steve Carosella, Malcolm Scott, Suzy Haley, Jason Mueller, Raymond Mitchell, Jason Neel
Technical Standards AnalystsJason Dickson, Clark Terrill
Special ThanksDeborah K. Fulton, Robert Gustafson, Jeff Marcus, Kathy Schoback, Teri A. Higgins, Heather Hawkins


Technical DirectorDan Geisler
Creative DirectorMichael Mendheim
Art Director Nina Stanley
ProgrammersChris Bannock, Peter Wiseman
Additional ProgrammingChuck Romberger
ArtistsLance Charnes, Inna Cherneykina, Michael Drake, Nels Potts, Brian Steffel
MoviesMichael Cristobal Altamirano, Isaac Bender
Additional ArtOlga Chudnovsky, Michael Groark, Michael P. Kennedy
DesignersBenjamin Cholewinski, Trip Hawkins, Jonelle Adkisson
MusicBarry Blum, Kevin Manthei, Robyn Mendheim, Brian Min, Brian Withycombe
VoiceSusan Blue, Jim Cummings
WritingSharon Wong
TestersDavid A. Lucca, James Abney

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