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Advertising Blurbs

    Strange events have happened on a small island off the coast of Mexico and set the stage for Blue Stinger, an inspired action-thriller on Dreamcast. The story unfolds in lush, realistic, cinematic style and engulfs you in its dense storyline and non-stop action gameplay. Emergency rescue specialist Eliot Ballade and his sidekicks need your help to unravel the dark secrets behind the island's bioengineering research center and its sinister experiments. Your mission will sharpen your wits with complex scenarios, plot twists, mini-adventures, surprise encounters, and host of detective work to be done. Swim, crawl, drive, jump, and blast your way through over 230 locations on the island, and battle a legion of hideous mutant creatures along the way. You'll be awestruck by this meticulously designed world, mind-blowing explosions, and spectacular effects. Forget sci-fi celluloid. Put yourself center stage.

    Dense storyline with extensive character interaction, complex scenarios, and plot twists. Choose between two characters to play, with the ability to switch on the fly. Special modes unlock as your skill and ability develop, adding new weapons, unlimited ammo, or a completely new view of the game. New Intelligent Active Camera System and manually adjustable camera system take you inside the action. Lush, 3D cinematic style, with real-time 3D graphics, texture maps, and lighting effects. Loads of tasks, puzzles, adventure aids, hidden items, and mini-adventures that trigger an unexpected chain of events. Creatures designed by Robert Short (Beetlejuice). Directed by Pete Von Sholly (Mask, Mars Attacks!, James and the Giant Peach).

    Contributed by Grant McLellan (624) on Sep 12, 2001.