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Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

Still one heck of a fine game. TreyTable (4) 4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars
Classic fun, however lacks longevity. Tibes80 (1495) 4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Overall User Score (90 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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GamePro (US)
The game also seems fairly short. A couple of afternoons of serious concentration will get you past most of the mini-games, and after that it's all about best scores and highest point totals. But getting past all that and letting your cab rip through the streets is what Crazy Taxi is all about, and that part of the game is more fun than you've had on your Dreamcast yet. Crazy Taxi is a wild ride and you definitely should apply for your license, even if your cab run is shorter than expected.
Game industry News (GiN)
Crazy Taxi is definitely the first "must have" Dreamcast title for the year 2000. Those who were impressed with it in the arcades will be even more impressed with this product. I don't see how this game get any less than our top GiN Gem rating of 5, It's just that great.
The Next Level
Overall in the audio department, the game is hardcore. Has some of the best sound effects I've yet to hear on the DC, and the voice samples are as numerous as they are humorous. I never thought I'd get called a "punk-ass" by someone in a videogame before. The music however, is a mixed bag. While the tracks by Bad English and Offspring do their job adequately, the constant loop they're on and the fact that there's only three or four songs can grow to be repetitive. This perhaps is the only gripe which I have with Crazy Taxi. Though the gameplay will also grow to a routine fashion, feeling almost redundant, you may ask yourself: "Why am I still playing this?" Well let me enlighten you-- it's because its fun; a sufficient reason to play any game.
Game Vortex
If this is the future, then we are in for a treat. Sega always has made the best arcade games and now we get to experience these arcade games in our own homes. Did I just die and go to heaven?
As a game whose greatness is matched only by the gaming ecstasy known as Soul Calibur, this is a must-have title for any Dreamcast owner. For that matter, it is the type of game that would easily justify a system purchase for the stragglers. So do yourself a favor, hang the fuzzy dice in the mirror, and get behind the wheel with amazing arcade translation. You won't regret it.
Gaming Target
An overall excellent videogame, covering all the areas with supreme authority and domination on the competition through licensing franchises and using artist’s songs to make it all worth the purchase.
Privat Computer PC
Crazy Taxi er den perfekte arcade-konvertering, og en vidunderlig undskyldning for at anskaffe sig en Dreamcast. "Let's make some keerazy money!"
Video Games
Vergesst alle anderen Fun-Racer – Crazy Taxi setzt die Messlatte, an der sich alle anderen künftig zu orientieren haben! Da mögen Crash Team Racing & Co. noch so routiniert inszeniert sein, letztlich war alles schon mal dagewesen. Vom Kreativ-Geist der Sega-AM-R&D-Studios, die hier mit einer komplett neuen Spielidee auftrumpfen, können sich die Standard-Racer-Hersteller gern mehrere Scheiben abschneiden. Die Symbiose aus unübertreffbar passendem Hardrock-Sound (der selbst Electro-Freaks wie mir hier gefällt!) mit der völlig euch überlassenen Open-Air-Taxi-Tour ohne Rücksicht auf Cops (gibt’s nicht) und Verkehrsregeln durch sonnige Kalifornien lässt Crazy Taxi zu einem der besten DC-Games überhaupt avancieren. (…) Lediglich ein paar mehr Musikstücke von der gleichen Qualität und das Ausmerzen der Pop-Ups hätte ich mir gewünscht – dann wäre das Spiel nahezu perfekt. Weiter so, Sega!
Gamer's Pulse
There you have it folks, the good, the bad and the ugly. After two-and-a-half pages of detailed opinion, what it all comes down to is this; is Crazy Taxi, with its all little faults and lack of extras, still worth purchasing? Absolutely. Never mind that there's no multiplayer mode, never mind that there's barely any unlockables to speak of. This is one game that I can see people popping into their Dreamcasts years from now, whenever they feel like a fast adrenaline rush. As I said before, this is one of the most insanely fun experiences you can have, and the thrill of playing the game is rewarding enough itself. If nothing else, Crazy Taxi is proof positive that games don't have to be complicated in order to be enjoyable.So get Crazy, everybody. Trust me, it's for your own good.
Power Unlimited
Sega lost een oude belofte in een geeft ons eindelijk arcadegames op een console. Leve de Dreamcast!
Gaming Age
Crazy Taxi is definitely a must buy Dreamcast game. The original concept combined with great graphics and a killer soundtrack just make it one of the system's killer apps. If you aren't sure if Crazy Taxi is for you, give it a rent. But be warned, once you get into the game, you may not want to return it.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
The graphics are simply incredible, and make the occasional slowdowns and pop-in glitches easy to overlook. While the music is disappointing in its brevity, Crazy Taxi compensates with extremely enjoyable and dangerously addictive gameplay that is both challenging and entertaining. Adding to the already strong appeal are the brilliant simplicity of the controls, and the way the action constantly drives you to beat your high scores. On top of being visually impressive, the urban environments are huge and expansive, with many different locations to memorize, and impressive building models. This variety also helps to increase the replayability. What all this means is that Crazy Taxi is simple to learn, and difficult to master, embodying the formula that underlies every classic arcade offering. While there are some issues, don’t let them dissuade you, because Crazy Taxi is a dazzling translation that belongs in any arcade fan’s collection.
Planet Dreamcast
A must see. Crazy Taxi's fast-paced, go anywhere, do anything gameplay and unconventional concept make it one of the best games on the Dreamcast. Only the possible lack of replay value and minor graphical and audio glitches keep it from scoring higher. You'd have to be crazy to pass this one up.
Game Critics
Outside of the lack of extensive modes, Crazy Taxi is still an amazing game that I am still hopelessly addicted to even as I complete this review. It stands as a firm reminder that less sometimes really is more, which is something that many of todays games could benefit to learn. Though Crazy Taxi manages to learn from the past and incorporates those older theories, it still presents itself as a visual and aural benchmark for the next-generation Dreamcast system. Crazy Taxi stands as an amazing fusion between old school gameplay and cutting-edge technology.
Shin Force
A must buy for anyone that likes fast-paced games, and loves a challenge. With a rockin' soundtrack, great gameplay, and sweet graphics, this is sure to be an instant classic for the DC.
Wahouuu ! quel panard de jouer à Crazy Taxi ! Les bornes d’arcade n’ont qu’à bien se tenir, ce titre est un hit en puissance avec une action trépidante et un intérêt omniprésent ; la Dreamcast se régale et le joueur se fait un festin, bravo !
Digital Press - Classic Video Games
Beyond these few graphical and sound issues, this game is really as close to perfect as you can get. Nothing can match the thrill of doing 100+ mph through a busy park tearing apart benches and hot dog stands. The inclusion of addictive mini-games and an extra track not included in the arcade game make it well worth a purchase. It's rare that an arcade translation is handled this well.
There's really no point to Crazy Taxi, but it's one hell of a lot of fun. A wonderfully crafted game, this is one of Dreamcast's best.
Mega Fun
Ich möchte gleich zu Beginn meiner persönlichen Einschätzung eine Warnung an alle DC-Besitzer und solche, die es werden wollen. aussprechen: Vorsicht! Crazy Taxi macht süchtig! Bislang liebe ich nur selben einen Single-Player Fun-Racer gesehen, der dermaßen Spaß gemacht hat. Obwohl man diesem Titel sicher so einiges vorzuwerfen hätte: Warum gibt es keinen Karriere-Modus oder die Möglichkeit, ganz ohne Zeitdruck durch die Städte zu gondeln? Allerdings hab sich Sega im Vergleich zum Arcade-Vorbild viel einfallen lassen. Was macht nun den Kick dieses Fun-Racers aus? Man ist von der allerersten Sekunde an im Spiel gefangen. Die abwechslungsreiche Grafik und die Musikuntermalung, die wie die Faust aufs Auge passt, machen Crazy Taxi zu einem der besten Dreamcast-Titel überhaupt und das stellt für mich ein weiteres Kaufargument für Segas 128- Bitter da.
Wer Driver hat oder kennt, sollte sich schleunigst Crazy Taxi zulegen. Die Musik, die lustigen Sprachsamples der Gäste, die Grafik, die Steuerung, die etlichen Stunden Spielspaß und vieles mehr machen diesen Game zu einem Top-Titel. Wer sich dieses Game nicht holt, der verpasst ein Highlight dieses Jahres und ist selber schuld.
Armchair Empire, The
This is by far one of the most exciting games games available on the Dreamcast. It's easy to get into, it has a great aesthetic, and it provides instant entertainment.
Defunct Games
It's sad that you can literally have so much fun, and no matter how great it seems, it still doesn't seem like there is enough here. I have played Crazy Taxi for hours and hours and hours. And while it's one of the best games I have ever played ... it just doesn't have enough to stand on its own for long.
Cincinnati Enquirer
On top of the two tracks, Crazy Taxi comes with several mini games that provide a nice diversion from the city driving. These games include making long jumps, delivering five customers to their destinations in an allotted time and trying to take out 60 bowling pins as you drive through a zigzag of bowling alleys. The only bug on Crazy Taxi’s window is the lack of longevity. The game can grow tiresome after multiple plays. However, the amount of fun packed into its short life span makes it a worthwhile addition to your library of games.
Many have said that the success of Sega's Dreamcast is tied to the quality of the company's arcade games and, ultimately, the console's ability to render those arcade games as closely as possible. Crazy Taxi is one of those arcade ports, and the Dreamcast version of the game holds up very favorably when compared with its arcade counterpart.
La duración de este título depende bastante de hasta donde quiera "estirarlo" el jugador, si ya se da por satisfecho por conseguir ver la secuencia final al conseguir más de 5000 $, se le hará corto, si por contra tiene en mente conseguir la "Crazy license" en ambas ciudades y acabarse todos los minijuegos le queda una ardua tarea por delante. En cualquier caso, Crazy Taxi, incluso después de ser exprimido a tope, suele ser un recurso habitual cuando se busca echarse unas partidillas rápidas cuando se tiene poco tiempo y ninguna nueva adquisición en la recámara.
The Video Game Critic
Crazy Taxi's simple gameplay and wonderful graphics are a winning combination. My main complaint is the predetermined destinations, which will send you on the same routes over and over. A randomize option would have been nice.
Game Revolution
Crazy Taxi is a case where a great arcade game became a good home game. Though the game is a ton of fun, the serious lack of depth keeps it back from true greatness. Hey Sega, next time look into car upgrades, more cities, and some sort of two player. Then you'd have a classic on your hands.
Ich garantiere, die erste Session von Crazy Taxi übertrifft vom Spielspaß her, fast alle bisherigen Videospiele. So leicht und frisch und gleichzeitig wild und nervenaufreibend spielt sich wohl kein andrer Titel. Es ist schade, dass die Entwickler versäumt haben weitere Modi wie Karriere oder Mehrspieler mit auf die GD zu packen, denn so verliert man leider zu schnell die Lust (Daher auch die Wertung 8). Doch eigentlich ist Crazy Taxi wegen der superben Technik und intuitiven Steuerung jedes Mal wieder ein Erlebnis, wenn auch nicht mehr so intensiv wie am Amfang. Glückwunsch an Sega zu diesem Geniestreich!
Crazy Taxi to niewątpliwie gra warta uwagi. Oferuje graczowi sporo prostej i bezpretensjonalnej rozrywki na wysokim poziomie, choć przyznaję, że w większych porcjach potrafi znużyć powtarzalnością. Idealny tytuł do wyluzowania się przy konsoli po ciężkim dniu. Kilka minut za kierownicą taksówki wprawi każdego w dobry nastrój.
Super Play (Sweden)
Crazy Taxi bjuder på en skakig åktur genom ett soligt amerikanskt paradis med hav, palmer, sandstränder och en väldigt mångsidig befolkning. Det enda man kan klaga på är att man faktiskt märker att det är en arkadkonvertering, spelet räcker inte hur länge som helst. Men bonusbanorna är ett jättebra och motiverat inslag och som helhet känns Crazy Taxi verkligen nyskapande. Att spela det är en upplevelse som sitter kvar i fingrarna länge.
Like Driver, Crazy Taxi takes the driving game genre somewhere it has never been before. It's truly a funny and light-hearted video game. While it is rated Teen, mainly for some mild language and reckless driving, I think that it's pretty clean fun and alright for the preteen set. It’s not vulgar, but Crazy Taxi is crazy. It delivers straight-up arcade fun. If you’re looking for something like Driver, with more plot, this is not the game for you. Arcade is the prime word here. It is not an RPG, you don't have to unlock any tracks, and one game can only last 10 minutes. So don't go buying it if you don't like arcade games. If you do like arcade games, now is the time to start counting those pennies -- get down to the mall, and get Crazy Taxi.
Thunderbolt Games
Despite the Crazy Box mode and two somewhat similar cities to play in, Crazy Taxi wears out its welcome far too soon. Like that Wendy’s commercial, I found myself thinking “Where’s the beef?” There isn’t enough variation or things to do despite having a huge city to explore. The music, the destinations and even the gameplay eventually became repetitive. Since the game is cheap, I still think it’s worth purchasing. Crazy Taxi is one of those games you play for maybe for 15 minutes a week. It truly is fun, lighthearted fare. It definitely isn’t a bad game, but with less slowdown and more stuff to do it could have been the craziest game around.
Un titre comme Crazy Taxi peut se targuer d'être à la fois jouable, techniquement réussi, et très amusant. Votre but ? Conduire le plus rapidement vos clients en vous frayant un chemin au milieu des rues de villes très inspirées par la côte californienne. Si la durée de vie laisse à désirer, on reprendra volontiers régulièrement le paddle pour de petites scéances très relaxantes. Un vrai petit défouloir ce jeu !